The Week In Wonkette

President Bush sends out holiday greetings, reveals deeply-felt prejudices.

Future Holidays of America announced: Stickmas comes every July, Abramoffukkah could come a LOT sooner.

The Pentagon may or may not feel threatened by gay kiss-ins (Kisses-in? Is it like Attornies General?). We prefer to think that they ARE worried about them, because it makes things a lot more hilarious.

Jeanine Pirro sets her sights a little lower; probably needs to set them lower still.

Tom Delay spends a small fortune to bring GOP’s message into the Republican-hostile environments of the filthy rich.

Maureen Dowd: translated, tabularly.

Darfur, Mr. President?

Governor Bill Richardson’s Presidential aspirations: doomed by his Uncle Bad Touch tendencies?

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