Bush Drinking “Again”

They're Totally Playing Yak's Milk PongAs Daily Kos and other have pointed out, Bush’s hat tip to local culture in Mongolia — drinking fermented yak’s milk — means that the poor guy is drinking. “Again.” The sad thing about Bush resorting to drinking yak’s milk isn’t that it’s yak’s milk, it’s that it’s only 3% alcohol. Look, we’ve gone all Kitty Dukakis at times as well but if you’re going to sink, make it count. Hairspray, paint thinner… as a friend told us, “Dude, I’ve drank NyQuil when there was nothing else in the house. Actually, it blends pretty well with grapefruit juice.” Surprisingly, so does yak’s milk.

And look at the picture: Yak’s milk pong.

[AP Photo/Charles Dharapak]

damnit! this is SERIOUS!!! bush IS drinking again! [Daily Kos]

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