Inside the Bubble: Wayward Woodward

“For the sake of a new book, Woodward has evidently been willing to protect the American public from various revelations about a government intent on destroying the republic. What a difference a few decades make.” [Mother Jones]
Jeff Toobin says the only thing that can help the White House with PlameGate is if “the whole thing just goes away and people forget about it. That’s not going to happen.” [CNN]
Gives a whole new meaning to “probes”: “If [reporters] keep going into the secret world they can come under the gravitational pull of another planet– the people in power, the secret-makers themselves. They’re still sending back their reports, but have ‘left’ our universe, so to speak.” Bob’s become an alien. []
Walter Pincus’s refusal to back Woodward’s story makes Bob glum: “I did tell him; we have different memories,” Woodward said, his voice sounding sad and hurt. [VV]

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