Marine Finds “The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow”

Singing MarineIt’s true, most of us honor Veteran’s Day with a fantastic white sale. We salute the Marine in today’s Washington Post who’s celebrating his return to civilian life with show tunes. Shouldn’t he have been in the Navy? Kidding. Patrick Young, a Maryland native and Iraq veteran, had a tough tour — he lost his best friend and came home unsure what to do with his life — no wonder he has found solace in “The Sound of Music.” But don’t go thinking he’s that way. Back in the suck, one thought about his stateside home kept him going:

When he was pinned facedown in the dirt by insurgent fire, with only a shrub for cover and “wishing I could become part of the ground,” it was there: Hooters in walking distance.

He seems like a good kid, actually. Maybe the Hooters girls will come to him.

The Fog After the War [WP]

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