He's About To CrySilly John Podhoretz: Don’t you read the Note? You’re not supposed to actually identify who the source was for today’s blistering Rove’s-future-in-doubt story in the Washington Post. You’re just supposed to say,”‘It’s SO obvious who those quotes are from,’ with a small shake of the head and a knowing half smile.” (And here we thought all of DC’s journalists had just developed palsy.) Granted, the shake of the head is hard to pull off online, but maybe you should have invented an emoticon for it or something, instead of posting this brilliant thesis: WH press puppy “Scott McClellan’s messy fingerprints are all over the WaPo story, as even Bush will be able to see.”

OMG! Of course! Scott McClellan, media manipulation mastermind. We can picture him now, cackling gleefully at his latest stroke of genius! “Muahahahaha! Mr. Rove, revenge is a dish best served cold. Muahahaha! Muuuahahahaha!” etc.

Seriously though, does Scotty even have fingerprints? Hasn’t he blurred them off by all the thumb-sucking and rocking back-and-forth in the corner he does between briefings?

Rove’s Future Role Is Debated [WP]


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