Remainders: Out for a Good Borking

Jeb Bush, talking hurricane relief and support, proves to be a less-than-traditional conservative: “If Wal-Mart can do it, why can’t the government?” That’s like digging up Barry Goldwater in order to kill him again! [South Florida Sun-Sentinel]
“Borked” versus “Miers”. What the rest of the world calls “tops” and “bottoms.” [AP, via]
Vioxx teaches its reps to play Dodgeball. Because nobody makes them bleed their own profits! Nobody! [ATLA]
The original text of Harriet Miers resignation letter. REVEALED! [Flak Magazine]
Red States Lose! Ozzie Guillen rubs Texas’ face in it by taking World Series victory to decidedly erotic new heights. [AP]

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