It’s About Time Terry McAuliffe Bound That Wit of His Between Two Hard Covers

Sometimes the gods of Washington gossip-mongering smile, DeLay-like, upon us all. Will a more lapidary sentence be penned all day? I think it won’t. The Reliable Source, ladies and gentlemen:

The book — tentatively titled “Bring It On!” — is McAuliffe’s exuberant, in-your-face take on 25 years with the Democrats, starting with Jimmy Carter’s failed presidential reelection campaign and ending as DNC chairman, a position he held from 2001 until February.

Exuberant in that piss-against-the-wind, rage-rage-against-the-dying-of-the-light, in-your-face sort of way. However, second prize goes to the line immediately following the above:

The deal was based on a three-page proposal that launched a bidding war among five publishers for “great, funny, inside stories that no one else has heard,” McAuliffe said yesterday in his trademark low-key manner.

“Take my wife… please!” Terry then deadpanned, not seriously intending for anyone to abscond with Mrs. McAuliffe, which, as he indicated, would be unlawful.

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Terry McAuliffe, Fundraising Client [The Reliable Source]


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