SCOTT MCCLELLAN  11:46 am October 18, 2005

Inside the Bubble: Puppies and Mike Allen

by wonkette

Scott McClellan evolves from defenseless puppy to vicious attack puppy. [WP]
Murrow… Koppel… Bashir. ABC News’ new Nightline line-up holds America hostage to faux Michael Jackson flunky. [ABC, Fox News]
The New Yorker profiles the next Mike Allen: “My great-grandfather invented an oil drill bit back in the early 1900s and was a pioneer in the oil fields of Spindletop, TX and a co-founder of Texaco…My question is what is the Energy Dept. doing to ward off climate change?” [NYer]
O’Reilly’s amulets: “Now it’s so bad that I spend an enormous amount of money protecting myself against evil.” Does it work in the opposite direction? [Newsday]
Gays love CNN. Wonder why. [NYP]

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