Gossip Roundup: What’s Being Said

Reliable Source: Andrea Mitchell, Alan Greenspan win Porsche Boxster in raffle but can’t accept because of regulations. . . Dean dined with Mick Jagger at Cafe Milano. . . Ashcroft received additional security search at Reagan Airport. [WP]
Inside the Beltway: Hillary and Landrieu cancel appearances at roast of Barbara Walters. . . Kerry, Edwards tied for second place behind Hillary in ’08 poll. [WT]
Cindy Adams: It’s “being said is that [the Miers] nomination came about because of Judith Miller. That the investigation and possible conspiracy charge against Cheney and Rove over this CIA agent Valerie Plame leak is one more thing Bush doesn’t need to handle. . . The president picked her because he cannot step in more doo doo.” [NYP]
Liz Smith: Red Cross benefit emceed by Jon Stewart will honor Bill Clinton. [NYP]

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