Gossip Roundup: Howard Kurtz Writes Fiction

Reliable Source: Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) had John Roberts review his screenplay in the early eighties. Said Rohrabacher, “There were a lot of people in the White House who felt threatened by the input of the writers, but John was someone who appreciated the creative element.”. . . Bob Shrum and wife Marylouise Oates sold their Massachusetts Avenue home to John Negroponte for $2.2m. [WP]
Inside the Beltway: 45% of voters would not vote for Bush again, according to poll conducted by James Carville and Stan Greenberg. [WT]
Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown: Howard Kurtz is looking to publish a satirical novel about the news industry: “This is something I’m fooling around with in my spare time. . . The fun part is that people may recognize – or think they recognize – some major media figures.” [NYDN]

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