Bush Family Continues to See Bright Side of Hurricane

At a speech to the Heritage Foundation yesterday, Laura Bush disclosed more about the White House’s unorthodox information-gathering methods. Speaking about the good that has come from Katrina’s aftermath, she said, “Maybe the media hasn’t shown us that much, but we’ve read about it and we do know about it.” Of course — they subscribe to the same relentlessly optimistic paper — The Bullshit Express — as the Chertoff household. “Public Swimming Areas Now Available for New Orleans’ Poorest” was the headline the day after it told them “New Orleans Dodged the Bullet.” And later, special guest columnist Barbara Bush observed many evacuees “were underprivileged anyway, so this — this is working very well for them,” headline: “Gulf Evacuees Say Group Showers the Least Humilating Experience Yet.” Yes, the Bullshit Express has been a font of stellar coverage, almost as good as their Alternate Universe Pultizer Prize-winning series, “Iraq in 2003: Mission Accomplished.”

First Lady Becomes President’s Defender [AP]

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