Swing Your PartnerThis morning, Imus pressed NBC WH correspondent David Gregory on his ongoing descent into dancing foolery. Video here. And, truly, it must be seen to be believed.

IMUS: You’re hosting “Meet the Press” this weekend?
GREGORY: I am. I am.
IMUS: This is huge, huh?
GREGORY: I’m looking forward to it.
IMUS CRONY: Not if they saw the tape of him, you know, grooving to Hillary Duff.
GREGORY: Well, look, I believe that, you know, the viewers can handle all of this. They can understand that I’ve got a funny side and I can show some personality like the i-man here. And they’re willing to accept that. I’m very serious about what I do. Serious about dancing, serious about the news.
IMUS: Who are you having on, Lil’ Kim? P. Diddy again?
GREGORY: I like to keep in shape too. I don’t think people have a problem with that.
IMUS: Charles, we have him now on the “Today” show doing a step thing with a bar. I mean, you’ve got to stop doing this. This is insane.
GREGORY: One other point before we get on to talking about the serious news. . . .
IMUS: And Al Roker. that is really troubling. You’ve got to stop doing this. This is going to ruin you. Who’s going to be on “”meet the press””?
GREGORY: We’re going to have Senator Lott and his new — talking about his new book, “”Herding cats,”” talking about the Strom Thurmond incident from 2002. His views on Iraq and John Roberts.
IMUS: You’re dancing with Al Roker? Oh, God almighty. This is…
IMUS CRONY: David Gregory has jumped the shark.
IMUS: He’s slapping hands with some of the workout babes. Oh, my God. Oh, look at that. look at that!
GREGORY: Stop it. Just stop it.
IMUS CRONY: That’s Tommy Tune. That’s not David Gregory.
IMUS: You are just — this is horrible. I mean, what’s wrong with you? You can’t be doing this. what are you, nuts?

We have to agree with the I-Man here: Please, David, for all that is holy, stop, stop the madness. Though, you know, if you’re going to be covering the Roberts hearings, it makes a, uhm, queer kind of sense….

BTW: “Serious about dancing, serious about the news”? We’re totally stealing that.

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