Flabby, Frumpy, Hairy Men Have a Chance After All

A survey of 2000 Playgirl readers provides the best news Washington men have had since the Senate recessed before taking their Viagra away:

— While 58% favored a slightly muscular build, 42% said they found love handles kind of sexy
— Chest hair is a turn-off according to 51 %, but 47% said just a little is fine with them
— Metrosexuals are definitely out, and rough around the edges rule the day (73%)
— Big bucks are unimportant; only 4% responded that money mattered in the long run

The real news here is that Playgirl found 2000 subscribers who aren’t men. Alternate headline: “Playgirl readers willing to settle.”

PLAYGIRL Survey Reveals the Sexiest Man Alive Is Not Who You Think [PR Newswire]

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