Remainders: Oh, the Beauty of It All

Has Rick Santorum’s thinking on “intelligent design” evolved? [Santorum Exposed]

“Interpreting the story of the Lorax as a failure of private ownership hinges on the Once-ler’s note to himself that if he doesn’t cut truffula trees down somebody else will… he had effective ownership by the fact that nobody else cuts down trees despite the passage of time it takes for industry to grow.” Economists get their hands on Dr. Seuss. [The Commons]

Daniel Radosh calls our attention to David Rakoff calling attention to Barbara Bush’s beautiful mind. []

John Podhoretz flips past Current: “So far it seems like a cross between ‘Saved by the Bell: The College Years’ and one of those in-hotel channels that offer you tips on how to get to the golf course from the lobby and where to eat in Key Biscayne.” [The Corner]

Place your bets: “Will MSNBC announce the cancellation of ‘The Situation with Tucker Carlson’ prior to October 1?” [Poolio]

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