Novak’s Secret Flak Decoder Ring

At the Corner, John Podhoretz sees through the crafty slant the MSM has given the revelation that a CIA spokes person “did not tell Novak directly that [Valerie Plame] was undercover because that was classified.” See, by “warn[ing] Novak in the strongest terms…that Wilson’s wife had not authorized the mission and that if he did write about it, her name should not be revealed,” the CIA flak was actually confirming Novak’s suspicion that Wilson’s wife DID authorize the mission and, of course, that her name should be revealed! It all makes total sense through the magic lens of J-Pod:

When flaks tell you not to say something without saying something like, “It would be a crime to do so,” a veteran of flack spin like Novak might have thought this was an a-ha moment — the revelation of the truth he needed, rather than the direction not to name Valerie Plame.

Novak, veteran of flak spin, eh? Of that we have no doubt.


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