Moore Accuser’s Lawyer Tells Sean Hannity To Fuck Right On Out Of Here

Every interview request from Sean Hannity deserves this reply.
Yes, this really exists

Which Of These Roy Moore Pastors Should Babysit Your Little Girl?

SPOILER: You really don't want any of these men babysitting your little girl.

Happy Thanksgiving, Donald Trump! Ready For Robert Mueller To Stuff Your Turkey?

It's probably best to let him believe the Mueller investigation is almost over.
Drilling rigs, mine tailings not shown

Barack Obama Sneaked In In The Night And Messed Up Ryan Zinke’s Travel Records

From the Mixed-Up Files Of Secretary Ryan Zinke. Responds To Roy Moore’s Lawyer’s Sad Pathetic Threat Letter, After It Finally Stops... will neither cease nor desist. Good day, Sir. They said GOOD DAY!

Trump’s Backdoor Action. Gross. Wonkagenda For Mon., Nov. 20, 2017

Robert Mueller is building something big, the FCC is killing net neutrality and the Lifeline, and drunk Floridians! Your morning news brief!

I Also Need $190 Million To Live

We need to talk about the rich people.

The Week In Garbage Men: How To Celebrate International Men’s Day Like A Misogynistic...

Today, in case you were not aware, is International Mens Day. Coincidentally, it is also National Toilet Day.

Deleted Emails: We Were CC’d On An Email To GOD!

We got a very rude email, and it turned out to be right. Also, God has our email address, but is not the rude one.

Weird How These Anti-LGBTQ Lawmaker Guys Can’t Keep Their Hands Off The Teenage Boys!

Republicans are pizzagating themselves for your open thread!

Don’t Panic Wonkers, But It Seems That Donald Trump May Be … POOR!!!

Wait, Trump was lying about his net worth? Clutch the damn pearls!

Ohio Supreme Court Judge Wants You To Know He Is A Real Sex Machine...

One might say he is missing the point?





Chuck Grassley Says It’s Wrong To Deny Judicial Nominees A Hearing, Why Do You...

You betcha, that's a heck of a backbone he's got there.

Kayla Moore All ‘Who Cares If Roy Molested Kids? LET’S TALK ABOUT FAGS!’

Also BREAKING NEWS: Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is proudly voting for the kid-toucher!

Puerto Rico Utility Head Resigns, Leaves The Lights Off For ‘Em

Power to the people! Please, just a few kilowatt hours.

Hurry Up And Defrost That Turkey, Michael Flynn! You Might Be In Jail By...

Cannot wait to see someone wipe the smirk off that little Pizzagate bastard!

Sherrod Brown And Orrin Hatch In FRACAS And HULLABALLOO Over Shitty Senate Tax Cut...

The cruellest thing you can do is point out to Republicans the real effects of their tax policies.

They Wanted ALL YOUR RUSSIAN EMAILS, Jared Kushner, You Slimy Fuck

Oh, you meant THOSE Russian emails?

Wingnut Radio Host Accuses Al Franken Of Stalking Her … With MATH!

A shocking tale of terrifying budget statistics.

Oh Shut Up About Al Franken, President Pussburglar

Weird, the sexual predator in the White House still doesn't have anything to say about accused kid toucher Roy Moore.

Al Franken Super Sorry For Shitty Joke. Wonkagenda For Fri., Nov. 17, 2017

Everyone is pissseed at Al Franken, Democrats get high hopes, AND MORE!