Bullets Trump Thoughts, Prayers. Again. Wonkagenda For Thurs., Feb. 15, 2018

Another mass school shooting, Grassley says the coverup part out loud, and Dreamers are hanging on the edge of forever. Your morning news brief.
Don't expect a Wonkette review any time soon

How One Man Fought And Beat The System To Give Money To Wonkette AGAINST...

With your help, Wonkette, like the Devil, WILL LIVE FOREVER.

How Many Laws Did Michael Cohen, President’s Lawyer, Break For Porn Star Payoff? Couple...

No, but seriously! WTF is wrong with Donald Trump's lawyers?

New York Teamsters Going All ‘Sanctuary Union’ To Protect Members From ICE Goon Squads

You can't scare them, they're stickin' to the union.

New York Times Hires And Fires Nazi-Friend-Having Lady

The op-ed columns are out of control.

EPA Boss Scott Pruitt, Man Of Wealth And Taste, Just Can’t Get Enough Of...

We'd call this administration a bunch of vultures, but vultures fill an important ecological niche.

Portland And Spokane, We Gon Pizza And Beer You!

Where? That is for us to know, and also to tell you!

Top Seattle ICE Lawyer Stoled Immigrants’ Identities To Do Credit Card Fraud. Is That...

Hooray, it's just bog standard corruption, not Trump policy for a change!
what the fresh prince did at home

PA Governor Tom Wolf Tells The GOP Mapfuckers To Get Fucked

Gerrymandering! Have we mentioned this stuff is BAD?

Mazel Tov! Creepy Nazi Cult Finds Tennessee Compound Of Its Dreams!

What could possibly go wrong?

Michael Cohen Paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 Of His Own Lunch Moneys, Because That’s What...

Do you believe Michael Cohen's story? Vote YES or HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Milwaukee Thirsty For Justice, Charges Jailers In Sheriff David Clarke’s Chamber Of Horrors Dehydration...

Former sheriff David Clarke isn't one of the people charged. Imagine that.

Happy Valentine’s From Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Wonkagenda For Wed., Feb 14, 2018

Trump ignores spy chiefs' warnings (again), ICE gets even more awful, and Michael Cohen admits to giving Stormy Daniel $130,000 for no real reason. Your morning news brief!

Sean Hannity Swallows Obama’s Fake Sperm Then Spits It Back Up: A Play In...

Yes, now we are doing conspiracy theories about Obama's sperm.

NICE TIME! SLC Elementary School Renamed For Cool Black Lady Space-Nerd Instead Of Genocider!

We need more schools honoring great Space Ladies.

Chris Wray Says ACTUALLY Sarah Huckabee Sanders And John Kelly Are Total Fucking Liars...

The White House can't even keep track of its own lies anymore.

After Years Of Tax Cuts, Oklahoma Deeply Screwed. Good Thing That Can’t Happen To...

Funny, the economic miracles keep failing to appear.

College Student Has Shitfit About ‘Shithole’ Group After Shitty Diaper Protest Goes Poof

Kaitlin Bennett did not feel adequately supported by the organization after people on the internet made fun of her protest against 'safe spaces.'

Trump’s Budget Dream: Make America A Dickensian Slum Again, ‘Blue Apron Style’

Perhaps there are some houses of some kind, where the poor could be put to work.
This is my "what did I tell you?" face

Dianne Feinstein Gonna Need You To Hold Her Beer While She Beats Chuck Grassley’s...

Dianne Feinstein is real fuckin' tired of Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham obstructing justice for Trump in the Russia investigation.

Grassley And Graham Star In ‘How Dare Susan Rice Catch Michael Flynn Committing These...

Gosh, what is it about Susan Rice these guys just hate? It's a mystery!