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Wonkagenda: Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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Wonkagenda: September 28th, 2016

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Wonkagenda: Friday, September 23, 2016

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Been a while. We missed this one.

Fox News So Pissed At Google For Hiding Dead Bodies For Hillary Clinton

Get out your tin-foil hats, y'all!
forget about it lou, i'm an oil man

Plastic Industry-Funded Study Shows Plastic Is Awesome For Planet, Wow!

Also, news about Marissa Mayer and Totino's pizza rolls! But not about Marissa Mayer eating Totino's pizza rolls, because she would never.

Mean Old Government Trying To Stifle Corporations’ Sacred Right To Screw Consumers

First, Elizabeth Warren decided to persecute fraudulent banksters by naming names of corporate bad actors who were the opposite of persecuted. Senator Warren, have you no shame support of a Justice Department that merely equates fines to justice?...
You can tell he's being silly because his appleheaded vagina mouth is in the "giggle" position.

Correction: Donald Trump Did NOT Threaten To Deport All Muslims To The Moon

Hello, all Wonkette's favorite liberal blogs, what are you up to? Playing a game of telephone with each other, like Ben Carson telling himself his life story? Cool. Let's watch a media frenzy unfold, but let's do it backward,...
please like my business practices

Papa John’s Is Still A Douche, And Other News From Corporate America

Labor Day. A time for parades, cooking meat over fire, and passive-aggressive swipes at workers by shitbird Republicans. It's also an excellent time to check on how our favorite corporate persons are treating their pesky working stiffs. Paid Parental Leave...

Draft Day Is Meh, Yahoo Execs Are Criminally Overpaid And More In Today’s Happy Links

We decided not to give you any Happy links yesterday for a reason we've now forgotten in the mists of alcohol time, so today you're getting a double dose. Lucky duckies! We recapped Patton Oswalt's turn on Agents of SHIELD,...

Ousted Yahoo Exec Dries Tears With $58 Million Severance

We mock tech people a lot here at Happy Wonk Lifestyle Village, but while we're mocking them for employing a staff of tech dudebros, tech people at the top of the pyramid are becoming offensive levels of rich, like...

Sarah Palin Has ‘Thoughts’ On Fish-Selfies, Katie Couric

For a half-term grifter/failed vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin's half-life has been truly lengthy and remarkable. She is the cockroach of low culture. Empires will rise and fall, and there will be Sarah Palin, getting a crappy teevee show...

Three Possible Reasons All These People Are Fleeing The New York Times

You all know how much we love us some New York Times, but soon there will literally be no one left there to write anything. Oh, god, but Maureen Dowd will probably get to run the whole paper and...

Your Guide To The Boston Manhunt Friday News Dump

Good morning afternoon! We thought maybe you would be wanting a respite from everybody yelling about how any Muslim suspected of anything should be deprived of due process and tortured, so we put together a little list for you...

Please Nobody Tell The Yahoo! Commenters About Michelle Obama’s New Portrait

Do you know who Yahoo! commenters love? Hint: It is Michelle Obama! They love her very, very much, and when they call her "Moocow" and "Squatch" and "Sasquatch" and "Mooch" and "Silver-Backed Gorilla," it is not because of racisms...

Americans Very Angry King Barack And Ugly Wife Did Not Have Mac And Cheese With Cut-Up Hot Dogs For Valentine’s Dinner

We try not to delve too often into comments sections for material, because honestly. But this, the day after Valentine's Day, is one of those occasions where it's sort of impossible not to. Did you know that Barack Obama...

Kid Who Guessed ‘Wasilla’ Was Famous Wasilla Person Sarah Palin’s Hometown ‘Guilty’ On Two Counts

Hooray for Justice: The college kid in Tennessee who correctly guessed the hometown of Wasilla's ex-mayor Sarah Palin has his verdict. David Kernell, the 22-year-old who "hacked" into Palin's Yahoo email -- which she was illegally using to conduct...