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Deleted Comments: Turns Out Some People REALLY Don’t Like The Pope. Who Knew?

If a post is about guns, the Catholic church, or vaccines, you can bet it'll keep getting weird comments for years.

Newsweek: Other Than The Pedophilia, Mr. Hastert, What’s On Your Mind These Days?

Newsweek? More like News WEAK, amirite?

What Was Julian Farage Doing In Ecuadorian Embassy If He Wasn’t Meeting Nigel Assange?

Connect the dots, if any. Maybe there are no dots. Maybe YOU'RE the dot.

No, Seriously, You’re Not Gonna Believe The Dumb Bullsh*t Sean Spicer’s Offended By Now

Seriously, he's just barking at the UPS guy now.

Feds Desegregate Schools In Mississippi Town Time Forgot

A federal court ordered school desegregation plan be put in place in Cleveland, Mississippi, a mere 62 years -- almost to the day -- after Brown v. Board of Education.
Adams has actually not endorsed Trump. His readers love the bastard

Dilbert Guy Scott Adams Knows Sexy, And Donald Trump Is One Sexy Mofo

I'm Scott Adams. You may know me from my hilarious cartoon 'Dilbert,' and also from being kind of a wackadoo Men's Rights Guy. Here are my noodlings and ponderings on Donald Trump and his hot babe army and oh my god I want to die.
Comic Book Guy: I must Protest! Volkswagen Buses Were Never Manufactured In China!

China Will Win Your Capitalist American Heart With This Weird-Ass Music Video

From China's Xinhua News Agency comes proof that, whatever the formerly socialist nation's successes in introducing aspects of market economics to their planned economy, they're still getting the hang of producing advertising that works for Westerners. This 3-minute slice...
American candidates could just swap in a bald eagle

No American Political Ad Will Ever Top This Beautifully Insane Canadian Thing

Wyatt Scott is running for the Canadian Parliament, which is sort of like Congress except that instead of being owned by Big Oil and Wall Street, it's owned by Big Oil and Tim Horton's. He's an independent seeking the...
That was a moving performance! I Just wish they'd moved it somewhere else!

‘Pro-Lifers’ Present Abortion Masterpiece Theatre At White House, And It’s Insane

Oh my god. Republican protests are NEXT LEVEL. I can't stop laughing. pic.twitter.com/AJQMQbFsmw — Calvin (@aurosan) August 11, 2015 Some anti-Planned Parenthood demonstrators were captured performing this little playlet in front of the White House recently, and it is the most...
Dr. Nugent Fills his Pants for the First Time, 1860

Ted Nugent: What About Lion-On-Lion Crime?

Oh, thank goodness, Ted Nugent has finally seen fit to weigh in on that dentist who killed that lion. We'd been hoping the great white skidmarked hunter would have some insights on the matter, and he came through in...
Idea hat.

Congressdolt Louie Gohmert: Iraq War Was A Mistake Because Obama Has Boner For Our Enemies

Texas congressoaf Louie Gohmert offered a new variation on this week's popular "Was The Iraq War A Good Idea" theme Tuesday, explaining that if George W. Bush had only known he'd be succeeded by the Very Bad President Barack...
Trump / Trump 2016!

Donald Trump Is The Family Values Candidate All His Ex-Wives Have Been Waiting For

Here is a thing we didn't really expect to see in 2015: a mainstream press article (sorta mainstream, at least -- CNBC.com isn't exactly a niche website like "Marine Propulsion News," whose newsletter we inexplicably got signed up for)...
Rachel's WTF? muscles really get a workout in this segment

Morning Maddow: Oregon Governor Definitely Resigning Or Maybe Not, Who Knows?

Rachel Maddow takes on the increasingly strange story of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, who has reached a crisis point in the continuing scandal over the shady financial dealings of his fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, who is under investigation for alleged...

Israel Defense Forces Wishes You A Happy Hanukkah, With Drones!

The Israel Defense Forces' official Twitter account brings us this festive holiday image to celebrate the miracle of a Skylark hand-launched surveillance drone staying aloft for eight hours, when it only had enough battery charge for an hour: IDF sources...

Alex Jones Explains How Net Neutrality Is Hitler

Now that the right has decided Net Neutrality is evil, because Barack Obama likes the idea of keeping the Internet free and open, it's pretty much become a game of one-upmanship. First, Ted Cruz said that Net Neutrality was Obamacare,...

Here Is How Homosexuality Is Different From Alcoholism

Talking brunette Ken doll Rick Perry said something great the other day: "I may have the genetic coding that I’m inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at...