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Tucker Carlson Unsure If Witches Are Legally Allowed To Cast Spells On Donald Trump

To be fair, the only thing he's sure about is that black people scare him.

Sundays With The Christianists: Read This Dumb Comic And Burn Your Ouija Board!

Those crazy kids and their demon-summoning!

Sundays With The Christianists: Comics To Scare Your Teen Away From Porn!

Read this comic and be free of sin! Or at least be one very amused sinner.

Some Idiot: Liberals Using Witchcraft To Make People Think Racism And Rape Are Wrong

Dr. Lance Wallnau is onto us, and all the witchcraft we are doing to make people think racism and rape are actual problems.

Is Jack Chick In Hell?

Jack Chick is up in heaven now, with Isaac Asimov and Kurt Vonnegut.
Older siblings always seem a little weird

Mental Health Professional Thinks Someone Programmed Him To Murder. Could It Be … Satan???

The Satanic Temple, the first-amendment trolls who've answered government endorsements of religion with calls for Satanic coloring books in schools, have branched out into fighting some very real, very damaging pseudoscience.

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Creationist Aliens Want To Exorcise The Witchcraft From Your ‘Puter

Welcome back, saints and sinners alike! It's time once again for the Snake Oil Bulletin! Are your souls in need of spiritual cleansing from our old friend Alien Jesus? Are you ready to hear the truth of God's word...

Snake Oil Bulletin: Health Guru ‘Cures’ Cancer With Diet And Detox (And Not Having Cancer)

Salutations, Sailors! Welcome back to the Snake Oil Bulletin, your premium blend of all the latest and greatest in quackery, hackery, and general chicanery. We've got a full schedule ahead of us, so let's nose dive right in to...
Of course there's a manga version

Sundays With The Christianists: Why ‘The Scarlet Letter’ Is Bad For Jesus And America

It's Pearl Harbor Day, so what more fitting time to talk about an attack on America? Only this isn't an attack from some evil foreign empire (redundant, since all foreigns are evil) but from within. As we're learning from wingnut...
We just like saying 'Gish'

Sundays With The Christianists: Nathaniel Hawthorne Had A Co-Author. Was It Satan?

If it's Sunday, this must be Christianists! Time to get all literary again, as we learn how Nathaniel Hawthorne is personally responsible for destroying Christianity in America, at least according to homeschooling advocate and radio preacher Kevin Swanson and...
If beheading was good enough for Leonora Dori Galigai, it's good enough for college guys who play Magic: The Gathering

Silly Oklahoma Christian, You Are Supposed To Burn The Witch, Not Behead Him

OMG there's been another religiously motivated beheading (fine, near-beheading) in Oklahoma! In Stillwater on Wednesday, 21-year-old Isaiah Zoar Marin had been watching a whole bunch of YouTube videos about Christianity, when apparently, the Spirit of the Lord drove him to...

Radio Preacher Kevin Swanson: Did I Say Gay? I Meant Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Will Make Your Kid A Witch. A Gay Witch

So a couple weeks back we looked at how Colorado radio preacher Kevin Swanson had figured out that Disney's Frozen is turning kids gay, because it just does, OK? Well, apparently Rev. Swanson simply can't Let It Go, Let...

Pat Robertson’s Sex Tips Just Keep Getting Weirder

It's almost as if Pat Robertson knows exactly what he's doing, even as you're sure he's clueless. Case in point: On Monday, a caller to the 700 Fight Club teevee program asked what to do about a question that...

Witch Endorses Cultist

Regretful teen-aged witch Christine O'Donnell has endorsed bland gazillionaire flip-flopper Mitt Romney -- or, to the Newt Gingrich campaign, Mitt Romney the cultist. Why endorse Mitt? According to O'Donnell's appearance on CNN this morning, it's because "He's been consistent...

Can You Identify the Candidate Goblins In Our GOP Debate Blingee?

We cannot read through all 1,004 comments from last night's debate liveblogging -- this is why comments are robotically moderated, and why we depend upon you to alert us to spammers 'n lamers who must be banned -- but...

Christine O’Donnell Attacks Her Own Witch Commercial, Which Was the Only Good Thing She Ever Did

Some newsroom intern in Delaware lost a bet and had to skim Christine O'Donnell's latest attempt to cash in on her three failed Senate campaigns -- "her 358-page book." Worst assignment ever! Other than a few hundred pages of...