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David Horowitz Says Lynching Wasn’t Racist, Except Against Whites

Y'all know this fucking Horowitz prick?

Deleted Comments: When He’s Not Lying, Alex Jones Is A Serious Journalist

We've got a full menu of morons, morans, and maroons today. And have you considered Alex Jones's contributions to serious journalism?
Fer one thing, its eyes are just teensy li'l things, and it don't have a hat.

Deleted Comments: You Mental Midgets Can’t Write A Headline Without FUCK or NAZI! LOL

One good way to not get called a Nazi: don't walk around with swastikas and torches.

White People Meeting, Tonight, 4 PM, Olive Garden

Fellow white people, we have to talk about this motherfucker in Flint.

White Nationalists Are Ready For Their Safe Space Now, Mr. DeMille

Alt-Right movement founder Richard Spencer details his dream of a turning the country into a safe space for white people.

Hey, All Y’all Who Whine That ‘All Lives Matter’: Tell It To This Little Black Girl

Nine-year-old Zianna Oliphant spoke unforgettable words to the Charlotte City Council. Will people listen?
David Brooks, serious typist for the Times

David Brooks Would Like Young Black Football Players To Stop Kneeling On His Lawn

Won't somebody please think of the white people?

Daily Caller And RedState Post Thoughtful Reactions To Dallas Police Shootings, Wait What?

The editor of National Review Online also had something decent to say!
You're fooling yourself. Equestria is a dictatorship

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Uh-Oh, Wonkette’s Killing White Folks Again!

Happy "Big Game Sunday" -- as all the ads which haven't paid the necessary licensing fee must call it -- O ye Wonkers! Are you rooting for the one team of giant men who will suffer permanent brain damage...

Maryland Rep Opposes DC Statehood Because Of All These Facts He Just Made Up

You know what would be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad thing for the country? If Washington DC, the only part of the continental United States that currently gets no actual say in the legislative branch of government, got full...

Fox News Focus Group So Mad They Can’t Do Racism In Public Any More

Shocking news: Republican primary voters are secretly (OK, not-so-secretly) incredibly racist! We're shocked! Are you shocked?! OK, we're not that shocked. You probably forgot about Sausage Golem Frank Luntz and his long, storied career of making shit up for GOP...
Maybe the Indian is pulling the white man down on him in an act of wanton lust.

New York Villagers Still Love It When White Dudes Choke Native Americans

Surprise, some people did a racism. We told you a story last summer about an idyllic little village in New York called Whitesboro, which is NOT named for all white people, but rather for Hugh White, who founded the...
100% match!

Praise Jesus, There’s Finally A Christian Mingle OKCupid Grindr For Straight White People!

You know that thing, when you are on Grindr and you just want to find a nice straight heterosexual white gentleman to marry and put babies inside, but instead somebody messages you like "sup?" and it's this guy? That's the...
Menace to society.

Tennessee Ne’er Do Wells Can Wear Their Thug Pants IN JAIL

As we all know, the greatest threat we face as U.S. Americans, besides Muslims and Obama and gay marriage, is Kids These Days who wear their pants down low where you can see their fannies, and Bolivar Central High...
Here's how to not get shot kids: don't irritate me with your "rights".

Bay Area Cop Threatens To Shoot Everybody Who Thinks Their Lives Matter

Police officers often claim that their aggressive posture and liberal use of deadly force is just an inevitable and sadly necessary part of the difficult job they do. But one San Jose police officer seems very eager to do...
The adorable 7-year-old in question, with her Justin Bieber doll.

Rich White Bay Area Community Pretty Sure Little Brown Girl Doesn’t Belong There

California is home to the Bradley effect, so in a way, this story shouldn't surprise us. Nonetheless, this tale is impressive for its imaginative completeness. It is a fully realized vision of the extent to which privileged white people...