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Just the unborn kind though

Bob Woodward So Tired Of How Both Sides Are Exactly As Bad As Donald Trump

Great Journalist Bob Woodward has thoughts about The Tone.

Georgia ACLU Director Quits Job To Be A Transphobe, Wingnuts Declare Selves Absolved Of All Bigotry

Maya Dillard Smith says her children were scared by some trans people in a bathroom one time, therefore maybe they shouldn't have rights?
Furry marriage as God intended it. (With separate vacations, apparently)

Idaho Gov ‘Butch’ Otter Asks Supreme Court To End Gay Marriage. For The Kids!

Four months after the Supreme Court crammed marriage equality down Idaho's throat, Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter is asking the Supreme Court for a do-over. Oh, sure, you might think that when the Court upheld the 9th Circuit's ruling...

Barack Obama To Give Children All The Whore Pills They Can Stuff Into Their Hello Kitty Backpacks

After losing a lawsuit in federal court, and then an appeal, the Obama administration is dropping its opposition to a judge's order to allow over the counter sales of "Plan B" emergency contraception without age restrictions. We're pretty sure...