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GOP FIGHT! Richard Burr Says Devin Nunes Is Total Dumbfuck Who Makes Shit Up

A KERFUFF-S-ALOT between the chairmen of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees!

Dame Peggington Noonington Endorses Own Vivid Imagination For President

Peggy Noonan hallucinates a world where Donald Trump is sane. Then she hallucinates some more, for why not?
Awwww. Kids being out in high school makes yr Old Gay Wonkette verklempt.

Catholic School Denies Gay Kid’s Sacred Right To Date Boys From Other Schools

Here's a new one for you! We're used to stories like "Hey, you lesbian, you can go to prom with your lady-lesbian date, but you have to wear a pretty dress like all the other debutantes," and "Hey, you...

Filibuster Reform Not Going To Be Able To Overcome a Filibuster

Democrats fought hard in 2005 to prevent the Republican majority from using the "nuclear option" to overcome their filibusters, and a mysterious drug gang, the "Gang of 14," or the "Jets," as they are also known, came together to...