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There may be an infinite number of cat & gun photos on the interwebs. Science must know why!

Gun Fun Roundup: Please Don’t Shoot Your Pal In Gun Safety Class

How are America's Responsible Gun Owners preventing crime and tyranny this week? We bet there's just no end of stories of valiant crime-stoppers and freedom defenders to look at! Other Than That, Safety Class Went Great In Orem, Utah, two police...

Minnesota State House Candidate Presents A Prairie Home Slut-Shaming Companion

We have a new front-runner in the race to fill Michele Bachmann's sizable Minnesotan clown shoes. Meet Sheila Kihne, a small-government conservative who also has "a passion for telling other people what to do." She's running for state rep.,...

Congratulations, Jenna!

The Rich Are Different

He Caught the Bouquet!

A Wonkette operative passes on the story of a big wedding in Kennebunkport this past weekend. Bushes 41 and 43 were in attendance and reportedly charmed the hell out of everybody (except for the protesters outside, who were just jealous). First-hand...