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Here Are The Top Bullshits In Devin Nunes’s Memo SO FAR

In no way is this list exhaustive.

It’s OK To Talk About Donald Trump’s Alleged Love For Wee-Wee Hookers, You Guys

You are allowed to LOL about this as much as you want, AS LONG AS YOU PROMISE TO TELL THE WHOLE STORY.

New York Priest Stole $1M Church Lady Donations For His Gay S&M Master, As One Does

Every Sunday around the great US and A, churches pass the collection plates, so they can use the money to buy food and clothes for poor kids, and send Bibles to China, and so their priests can have "drug-fueled...

Colorado Radio Preachers Wish Rose Parade Let Them Stone Gays, For Free Speech

Colorado radio preacher Kevin Swanson -- you know, the guy who revealed that the Pill leaves ladies' uteri studded with tiny corpse-babbies -- shared some thoughts with his Generations Radio cohost, pastor Dave Buehner, about that gay marriage float...