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The Top Two Sickest Pete Souza #TrumpBurns In The Past 48 Hours, Because He Only Did It Twice

Pete Souza continues to be the absolute fucking best.

REMINDER: Doctors Examining Trump’s Shithole Today At Walter Reed

BAD NEWS, AMERICA: They're not checking his brain.

Veterans Secretary Thinks V.A. Wait Times Are A Walk In The Theme Park

It's pretty tough to insult two quintessential American icons in the same sentence. Occasionally we all get flashes of brilliance and can piss-off large swaths of people, from cute babies to the grumpy olds, in one deft move. Secretary of...

John McCain Pretty Much Just Criticizing Wounded Troops Now

Rapidly decomposing statesman John McCain is still super annoyed about the DADT repeal, so much so that he has had little fits all over the place for Dana Milbank to witness. "Today's a very sad day. The commandant of...

EXCLUSIVE: North Hollywood Middle School Teacher Wonders Why McCain Campaign Is Dumb

Your editor's sort-of relative teaches at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood! We knew she taught in the Valley but did not know where, exactly -- and she is right there, at the heart of the failure of...

Green Screen Behind McCain Actually Lawn of, Uh, Middle School In, Uh, North Hollywood

America laughed again last night as a terrible "green screen" once again appeared behind John McCain, during his big speech at the RNC. Well, the "green" was actually the lawn of a school in North Hollywood, California. And the...

Daily Briefing: Do Not Pass Go

Metro Section: Best News Ever