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He’s A Dishwasher At Chili’s. She Babysits Sometimes But Not Usually. BUDGET: FIVE MILLION DOLLARS

This is just a really good story from the New York Times real estate section.

Walgreens Pharmacist Too Holy To Do His Job

Oh look, another pharmacist with SINCERELY HELD RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

Jason Chaffetz Sure He’s As Clean As A Whistle, Because Of All These Enemas (He Said That)

How could Jason Chaffetz POSSIBLY have a secret scandal, when there are so many people cleaning out his butt every day?
Guess we really WILL have to bomb Agrabah now.

Old Wisconsin Lady Can’t Sleep, What With ISIS Having Rough Sex Next Door

We've all had THOSE neighbors. You've taken your night time sleepytime medicine, you're flipping the clicker back and forth between Lawrence Welk reruns and the Home Shopping Network, and you're ready to dream about doing the Charleston with visiting...

Family Values Republicans Just Fine With Gross Duggar Family Sex-Criming

Are we even remotely surprised that the oh-so-holy Family ValuesTM Duggars haveĀ been keeping a dirty secret about that time Josh Duggar repeatedly molested his sisters, and his parents knew and did not do a goddamned thing about it, except...