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Federal Judge: Texas Voter ID Law Was Racist As Hell, Y’all

It's the fifth judicial loss for Texas's awful voter ID law. Maybe Justice Gorsuch will decide discrimination isn't really discriminatory.

Wisconsin Voter ID Law Basically a Huge Pain For Everyone Without ID

Can you solve a Rubix cube? Do you know how to count backwards from 100 by intervals of 8? Can you name the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? No? (Conquest, War, Death and Famine). Okay! Time to start practicing,...

Voter ID Law Passed, Scott Walker Moves to Close DMVs in Dem Districts

Evil corporate lackey Scott Walker recently got a memo on his desk from the fringe conservative Koch-fundedĀ  American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization that drafts bills for GOP lawmakers who are too stupid or too lazy to pen the...