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Racist Mall Lady Will Never Get To Go To The Mall EVER AGAIN!

Guess she'll have to stick with Big Lots from now on :(
Danger! Teachers may have opinions you don't like!

College Prof Who Told Class She Fears Trump Goes Into Hiding After Death Threats. What Silly Fears!

A college teacher said unkind things about Donald Trump and Mike Pence, and now College Republicans are demanding a safe space.

‘Alt-Right’ Cover Of ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’ Will Make You Yearn For Victoria Jackson’s Melodious Yowls

Those whimsical playful race-baiters of the 'alt-right' have made their own version of the already terrible 'We Didn't Start the Fire.' It has no beat and you can't dance to it.
To Protect and Unnerve

Texas Pool Party Cop Somehow Escapes Being Charged With Anything, What A Surprise, Huh?

In news only slightly less surprising than Britons' vote to leave the EU, the former Texas cop who roughed up a 15-year-old girl at a pool party has been cleared of criminal charges by a grand jury.

Florida Woman Scalds Rick Scott In Starbucks, With Words

Here's this week's excellent Speaking Truth To Bat Boy viral video, recorded by lucky bystander Stephen Bender and posted to the YouTubes. It features a Starbucks customer (later identified as Cara Jennings, "a former Lake Worth city commissioner and...
Don't expect too much sense out of this one. It's Friday, roll with it.

CNN Does Funny Thing On Purpose (Watch Your Political ‘Too Many Cooks’ Here Please Thank You You’re Welcome)

Guys, we don't quite know how to tell you this, but CNN actually did something funny. We mean, intentionally. How did this happen? What are the larger implications for cable television news, viral videos, the 2016 elections, and social...
She seems nicely deranged

Monster Drink Lady’s Viral Video Had Best SEO Consultant Ever: God Almighty

Christine Weick, the not-at-all-deranged lady who made a video about Monster energy drinks' Satanic agenda and regularly gets persecuted for screaming at/about Muslims, has explained the secret of her success: God told her that He'd make sure her energy...
He seems nice

Wingnuts Fall In Viral Love With 12-Year-Old Who Knows Obama Hates America

Meet fresh new viral sensation CJ Pearson, a Georgia middle-schooler who is all over the Wingnuttosphere this week because he has the courage to say that Rudy Giuliani is absolutely right: Barack Obama does not love America. Unlike the...
Won't someone speak out against this sort of thing?

Arizona GOP Will Murder All Early Voting, Unless It Is With Mitt Romney

A couple days ago, we brought you the story of a completely fabricated wingnut outrage over a Latino man supposedly "caught" on video as he "stuffed a ballot box" in Arizona's August primary. Except he wasn't frauding anything at all. The...

This Adult Swim Donald Sterling-Seinfeld Mashup Is Fake And It’s Spectacular

In a pretty darn good mashup of footage from Seinfeld and the notorious recording of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist rant at his girlfriend, Adult Swim has made possibly the best comedy artifact to emerge so far from...

Mitch McConnell Ad Wildly Popular With Whatever Bot He’s Paying For YouTube Views

Here is Mitch McConnell's new campaign ad, which an ABC blogger describes as having "the feel of a trailer for a movie by Michael Bay," but which looks to us like nine million other "Morning In America" knockoffs, only...

‘Yes We Can’ Wins Fancy Daytime Emmy

The most solemn, self-congratulatory video on the Internet, will.i.am's "Yes We Can Song," won some sort of an Emmy for being our generation's "We Are the World." We prefer Tyra's version.

Hillary Is In a House!