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St. Louis: Gateway To The Racists

We spent a month in St Louis and all we got was this face full of tear gas

‘All Lives Splatter’: Sheriff’s Office Real Sorry It Recommended Murdering Protesters With Cars

The Sheriff's Office of Chelan County says it was an accident! You know, like hitting protesters with your car!

Antifa Loves Beating Women! Say Idiot 4Chan Nazis Who Made It All Up

And they would have gotten away with it too! If it had not been so public and so stupid.

Racist Assholes Want To Rally In Portland Now, And Wonkette (SIGH) Is With Them, Ugh

Free speech is a pain in the ass. We don't have any better ideas, though.

The Internet Is Telling White Men To Kill Black Men And ‘Sluts,’ And White Men Are Listening

White supremacist murderer James Jackson has views that are echoed throughout right-wing forums online, and we must start paying attention.

Let’s All Watch The NRA’s Big Tough Wayne LaPierre Whine A Whole Bunch At CPAC!

It's got everything -- paid protesters, hanging whistleblowers, accusing the Left of wanting people to die of heart attacks on the way to the hospital...

Trump Pastor Lied About ‘Top Gang Thugs’ Supporting Trump, Please Fetch Our Smelling Salts

They were not even *lesser* gang thugs. Or in gangs at all.
Thank god a white man has finally figured out crime!

Thoughtful Chicago Tribune Columnist Muses About ‘Feral’ Black Boys

It's always refreshing to see a simple explanation for social problems. If the cause is one bad thing, then fixing things must be easy!

This One Chart Explains How Donald Trump Is Vile Beyond Description

Donald Trump's much anticipated (so they say) speech on illegal immigration used the word "kill" six times. "Murder" came up three times. There was one "rape," three "violent," a whopping 24 "criminal," five "horrible," just one "terrible" (!), five...
This would explain a lot about Herman Cain's campaign

Your Saturday Nerdout: 1969 Anti-LSD Film Features Screaming Hot Dog Freakout

It's your Saturday, so it's time for your Saturday Nerdout. We've got a trippy anti-drug film with a terrifying troll-faced hot dog, the ugly dystopian reality behind Pokémon, a look at how NASA and NPR helped an old engineer...

Trump Supporters Welcome Black Guy To Rally, With Their Fists

Exciting sports news this weekend: Donald Trump campaign events are now the third most popular contact sport behind football and hockey, after members of the audience at a Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama, beat and kicked a protester Saturday morning....
That smile is unnatural, is what it is.

Nikki Haley Wishes Black Folks Wouldn’t Be So Ugly About Getting Shot By Police

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley would just like America's The Blacks to settle down and stop making such a big fuss over the occasional unfortunate shootings of black people by white cops, because if they protest such shootings, the...
Dear Wonkette, I wish to complain that you have depicted active-duty WWII soldiers in a story on outlaw gangs...Also The Harley WLA was a bitchin' bike.

Outlaw Biker Gangs Enlisting Army Guys, What’s Wrong With That?

Just in case you weren't nervous enough about the dangers of this bad old world, NBC brings us a scary story about a 2014 report by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on attempts by outlaw motorcycle...
the very definition of 'milling around'

All Muslims Everywhere Murder French Satirists; Lone Wolf Acting Alone ‘Bombs’ NAACP, Alone

We've got all sorts of international and domestic terrorism for you this morning; please make use of kitten photos as needed. In Paris Tuesday, 12 people were shot to death at a satirical newspaper that had frequently run cartoons...
DC stands with Ferguson

Missouri KKK Just Thrilled To Bits About Coming Ferguson Race War

A Missouri-based affiliate of the Ku Klux Klan is circulating a clumsily designed flier vowing to "use lethal force as provided under Missouri Law to defend ourselves" from "terrorists masquerading as 'peaceful protestors,'" reports Vice News. Here's the...