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McDonald’s Finds New, Easier Way To Shove McDonald’s Down Your Wide-Open Gullet

Everyone having a solid weekend? Hope you're not thinking about pending Cabinet appointments. Is Frank Booth about to be named Oxygen Czar? Hey, at this point, why the hell not? In spite of that whole deal, here's a little...
Get ready to be sick of winning

Trump Takes Credit For Saving Ford Plant That Wasn’t Going To Mexico, Also Keeps Earth From Falling Into Sun

It's almost as if this guy always takes credit for stuff he didn't do. Huh!
reply hazy, will be sorted out by Executive Order

Obama’s Labor Day Executive Order So Un-American That It Helps Workers

Happy Labor Day Weekend, WonkSquad! Are you spending it like your average American worker, drunk and with your family? Or are you spending it like your average Corporate Fat Cat, drunk and with your secret second family in upstate...
They like representation! They really like representation!

Congratulations, Grad Students! NLRB Says You’re Employees, Now Raise Hell!

The NLRB says grad students are workers with rights and stuff. This could set back plans for a new rock-climbing wall in the student rec center.
fahrvergnügin' y'all

Union Gains Tiny Foothold In The South. Yes, The American South.

Stupid Unions. Why won't they die? Instead Scalia dies and public sector Unions live. Now everybody will be sick with the blue flu and taking bathroom breaks without repercussions. What a world for our Corporate People to live in. Workers...

Was Tennessee’s $300 Million Anti-Union Bribe To Volkswagen A Bribe?

Nice auto plant you got here, Volkswagen. Shame if anyone were to unionize it. Incredible though it may seem, that's the gist of this report from the front lines of the War Against Workers. In short, it looks like Tennessee offered...

Tennessee GOP Will Move This Plant To Mexico Before They Let VW Let Its Workers Have A Union

Well this is what happens when you let Germans build an auto plant in a patriotic right-to-work-with-no-rights-at-work state like Tennessee: First chance they get, the damned socialists start acting like their employees are entitled to union representation, even...

Eyetalian Car Maker Buys Out Chrysler, Brings Scourge Of Continued Employment To Midwest

Tragedy befell Detroit (again!) with the New Year, as Italian car-joke maker Fiat announced it was buying the 41 percent of Chrysler stock that it doesn’t already own. Fiat was invited by the Obama administration to buy a stake in...

Liveblogging George Bush Rescuing The Auto Industry!

The shameful publicity whore Barack Obama will be holding his FIFTH press conference of the WEEK today, while the ever modest George W. Bush holds his first in months. (Ha ha we kid, he tore himself away from his...