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President Good Brain Sat Down With Reuters, Showed ‘Em Which One Is ‘Camel’

So glad we settled the question of whether Trump has dementia or not!

Trump Disproves Dementia Concerns By Shouting ‘WALL’ At WSJ Reporter For Three Straight Hours

What's dumber than calling other countries a shithole? Parking the Presiderp in front of the Wall Street Journal and letting him talk.

Trump Jr. Can’t Stop Incriminating Himself. Wonkagenda for July 12, 2017

Trump Jr STILL can't stop/won't stop talking, Lindsey Graham is quietly baking GrahamCare, and Betsy DeVos meets with mens rights activists. Your morning news brief.
The Titan refugee program was a bad idea, we'll admit

The Resisters, The Resisted, and The Dumb Border Wall: Your Corporate Roundup

Which corporations are sucking slightly less this week? Hint: it's not Uber!
Time for another history lesson

Donald Trump Says No Muslims Allowed, ‘Christians Only’ Republicans Appalled

In addition to shutting down mosques (that's so October) and tracking every Muslim (that's so Sunday), President Donald Trump is gonna straight-up flat-out ban all Muslims from setting one Muslimy toe on the shores of his Great-Again America, right in their Muslim faces: Donald J....

Egypt Does Archaeological Dig On Ben Carson’s Brain, Discovers A Idiot

Brilliant neurosurgeon (OR IS HE?) Ben Carson is officially an international disgrace. Congratulations, doctor! You have now joined the elite ranks of several other Republican presidential candidates who have forced foreign nations to "Well, ACTUALLY" them, for their stupidity. Other...
Yoooge with the black pastors.

Donald Trump Finds New Creative Way To Pick On Poor Stupid Jeb Bush

We are having ourselves a glorious time watching Donald Trump beat the ever-lovin' guano out of "low energy" weak-ass whimpering coward man-child Jeb Bush, are we not? It's enough to make you almost feel sorry for poor Jeb, who...