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Katy Tur's book is out today too! Surprise, it features a story about how Donald Trump is a filthy piece of trash.

Trump SO ANGRY At Sean Spicer For Letting Vagina-American Melissa McCarthy Play Him On SNL

Maybe a woman should play Steve Bannon and Donald Trump next!

Uh Oh, Looks Like Tom Arnold Is Ready To Screw Donald Trump Sideways!

Tom Arnold spent Christmas tweeting about what he knows about Donald Trump, and BOY HOWDY.

Melania Trump Warns Americans About Evil Cyber-Bullies, Like Her Husband

Gosh, we sure do agree somebody should do something about all the bullying assholes on Twitter.

Awwww, Big Man Donald Trump Thinks He Could Beat Joe Biden In A Fight!

Call us crazy, but we think Old Handsome Joe Biden's got this one.

Newt Gingrich Goes Nuts On Nasty Woman Megyn Kelly, A Known Female Lady

The Trump campaign apparently thinks it's a GREAT IDEA to start more fights with Megyn Kelly.
don't you dare make me come down there

Nasty Woman Elizabeth Warren Officially Done With Donald Trump’s Sh*t

Warren says nasty women gots nasty feet and they're gonna cast nasty votes for Hillary on November 8!

Rush Limbaugh Hates How Liberals Always Focus On ‘Rape’ Aspect Of Rape

Rush Limbaugh is very offended by the idea of 'consent.'

Donald Trump Big Fan Of 10-Year-Old Girls Getting Old Enough To Bang Donald Trump

You won't believe this, wait yes you will.

Donald Trump Finally Finds Locker Room. Whoops It Has Naked Miss Teen USA Girls In It!

Trump reportedly used his power to leer at women of legal age at the Miss USA pageant too.

Trump Idiots Pretty Sure Beyoncé To Blame For Donald Trump Being So Rapey

It's so obvious, and if you can't see it, you're probably IN ON THE CONSPIRACY.
there's that appleheaded vagina mouth we love so much

Donald Trump Never Grabbed Them By The Dick, So Don’t You Worry About That

OR DID HE? Nah, probably not.

All The Times Mike Pence Defended Donald Trump’s Past Statements By HEY LOOK OVER THERE!

If Mike Pence won the debate, he did it by conveniently ignoring everything Donald Trump has ever said.
How could anyone possibly insinuate such a thing?

Donald Trump Thought Some Ladies On ‘The Apprentice’ Were Almost As F*ckable As Ivanka

Surprise, Trump was a sexist pig turd to a bunch more ladies!

Hillary Clinton Beats Donald Trump’s Ass On Twitter, And It Is Glorious

Awwwwww, Donald Trump got beat up by a girl AGAIN.