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LA Times Owners ‘Tronc’ Up To Sinister Bullshit Again

Hell of a way to run a newspaper, tronc.
what if they just read it instead?

LA Times Goes Union! Gross Harassey Publisher Goes Straight To Hell!

Big doin's at the Los Angeles Times, yes sir.

What A Shithole. Wonkagenda For Fri., Jan. 12, 2018

Trump calls Caucasianally challenged Not America a 'shithole,' Missouri's governor has some explaining to do, and Russian hackers are ready for 2018. Your morning news brief!
It's a living!

This Tronc Chairman ‘Consulting’ Scam Is Trumpy As Shit

Turns out, the anti-union lying techbro media company might not be run by the most scrupulous of sorts!

Trumps Got Richer … IN LOVE! Just Kidding. Wonkagenda For Tues., Dec. 26, 2017

Trump dumps the UN, Democrats gear up for 2018, and Ivanka's money laundering problem. Your morning news brief.

Chicago Tribune: Let Gays Eat Those Swastika Cakes We Like

Say what you will about the Chicago Tribune ed board, Donnie, at least it's an ethos.

Los Angeles Times Owners Try To Bust New Union In Stupid, Pathetic, Total TRONC Way

Wow, are union-busters going downhill. Maybe they should hire a union guy to help!
that is a tasty lawsuit

McDonald’s Determines Blind Man Does Not Deserve Fries With That

Remember that time the old lady spilled McDonald's insanely hot coffee in her lap and was awarded a multi-million dollar judgment? Then everyone freaked the hell out because who cares if the coffee was as hot as a thousand...