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Wisconsin Parents Pretty Darn Upset When ‘White Privilege’ Discussion Sneaks Into MLK Day!

Might as well insist black lives matter too!

College Student Has Shitfit About ‘Shithole’ Group After Shitty Diaper Protest Goes Poof

Kaitlin Bennett did not feel adequately supported by the organization after people on the internet made fun of her protest against 'safe spaces.'

Tim Allen And Adam Carolla To Produce Searing Documentary About Their Own Irrelevance In Modern America

It is a sad and tragic tale about how unfair it is that college students don't think they're funny anymore.

Sean Hannity Can’t Stop Crying Because Megyn Kelly Is Bad Mean Bully

Why does Megyn Kelly have to be such a big mean bully all the time so much?

Tomi Lahren Says Colin Kaepernick Only Allowed To Protest His Own Dad

Tomi Lahren is clearly triggered by seeing black people protest racism, maybe she needs a safe space?

Emory University Kids Very Certain Donald Trump Is Unperson, Double-Plus Ungood

Quick, kids, go to your safe space and hold on to your Trigger Warning, because a bad thing happened on the way to democracy: someone at Emory University in Atlanta chalked the words "Trump 2016" onto a sidewalk. Are students...
Yes, kiddo, it is.

Lawsuit Alleges Nice California Teacher Taught Students About Racism, By Being Racist

Racial transcendence is alive and well in Brentwood, California, if the allegations in a new lawsuit are true. The case states that Steven Carnine, an 8th grade history teacher at Paul Revere Charter Middle School and Magnet Center, figured that...
Even the far-left liberal blog Wonkette says you don't get a free pass over art that bothers you

Poor Dears At U Of Iowa Terribly Upset By Anti-Racist Art Piece. Makeup Tests For Everyone!

The University of Iowa has urged faculty members to let students miss or re-take tests if they were upset over some campus art that was SUPER RACIST (because it addressed racism). Apparently some students were so broken up over...
He went to some kind of medical school?

Ron Paul Tells Dumb Son To Shut His Big Stupid Yap

Grab your popcorn, it's time for another round of Republican Daddy Issues: Ron Paul, who is a medical doctor, pointed out that an estimated 3,000 to 49,000 people died every year from influenza, but no one was considering a travel...