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ACTUALLY Ronald Reagan Was Racist AF

Go fuck yourself, Ghost Ronald Reagan!

Republicans Hate Ted Cruz So Much, They’ll Blow Donald Trump Just To Make A Point

Look, we hate Ted Cruz. We talk about it often. Democrats hate him, not because he's threatening in the electoral way, but because he's a pompous sack of Canadian goose droppings with absolutely no breeding, the kind of man...
Just a racist, his gun, his flag, and his spring planting project

Charleston Killer’s Favorite Racist Gave A Bunch Of Money To Top Republicans, Oops

By now you've probably read about what's believed to be Dylann Roof's idiot manifesto, detailing all his insights into The Blacks and The Jews. It's the usual loathsome pile of racist crap, but he does at least let us know...

Christopher Hitchens Baffled By Post Office

Life in DC was exciting for about two and a half seconds when Brad Pitt visited in order to make out with Nancy Pelosi in her private chambers. Oh and then Richard Gere popped by also, which nobody cared...

Happy Trent Lott Appreciation Day!

Chris Matthews Worships Trent Lott

Larry Craig Goes Solo!

Trent Lott Trots!

Meet the Barbershop Bathroom Quartet

Gossip Roundup: Mr. State Trooper

NYT Doesn’t Care About Black People

Daily Briefing: The Grudge Report