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Stupid Intercept Idiots Wish Rachel Maddow Would STFU About Trump’s Russia Scandal

Does Rachel Maddow not follow Glenn Greenwald on Twitter? Does she not know she is doing FAKE NEWS?

Trump & Assad: LET’S HAVE A WAR! Wonkagenda For Fri., April 7, 2017

Trump plays with his missile, conspiracy cooks are going bonkers, and Russia is mad Trump lied...to THEM! Your morning news brief!
reply hazy, will be sorted out by Executive Order

Trump: Obama Is Making Everyone Hate Me! Fact-Check: TRUE.

Donald Trump has this all figured out.

Marco Rubio Is Today’s Senator Who Has No Dick

Nobody puts Baby in a corner and makes him listen to their medical sob stories.

President Bannon Commits To Apocalypse. Wonkagenda, Fri., Feb. 24, 2017

CPAC brings out the crazies, the White House tells the FBI to shut up, and nuclear weapons for everyone! Your morning news brief!

Louie Gohmert Officially Biggest Pussy In Congress

Louie Gohmert can't do town halls, because he's scared WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE.

Which Members of Congress Are We Yelling At Today? ALL OF THEM, KATIE

So Town Halls. Much Shout. Wow.

Cops: It’s True, These Republican Congressmen Are GIANT PUSSIES

All the GOP congressmen are terrified of all these little old ladies. The cops? Are laughing their asses off. SAD.

Which Congresscritters Are We Chasing Out Of Town Halls With Pitchforks Today?

Repuuuuublicans, come out to play-aaay!
Nothing to fear except EVERYTHING

Oh Good, Now All The People Want To Put The Tiny Brown Babies In Baby Jail

File this under No One Could Have Predicted: While members of Congress are on summer vacation, holding town halls so they can pretend to give a damn about what their constituents have to say, it seems some of those...

Arizona Town Hall Folk Murder John McCain, Tear Lifeless Body To Shreds With Their Teeth

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyThat is sad, you guys. United States Senator John McCain is dead, murdered by these fat insane Arizonans for loving Messicans too much. "These people care for our...

Gingrich Bashes Obama for Holding Elitist Town Hall in Disney World

Newt Gingrich thinks it's really inauthentic of President Obama to hold an event inside the gates of Disney World. It's elitist, he implied, during an event of his own in Bluffton, SC on Thursday, because the event is "invitation...

Paul Ryan Charging Town Hall Attendees $15 To Yell At Him

Corporate rentboy Paul Ryan has a "neat market solution" for making sure that his constituents leave him the hell alone next time he wants to preach to a town hall crowd about his fever dreams for destroying Social Security...

Wingnuts Ambush John McCain Demanding He Retract ‘Hobbits’ Insult

Roving gangs of unruly Arizona Teatards showed up to a John McCain town hall meeting to do the usual: holler and gnash their teeth and complain about the price of scooter fuel and double deep fried Oreos. Not news!...

President Obama Will Hold Twitter Town Hall, Without Twitter

It is the middle of a Wednesday, so our President wants to hang out on Twitter and connect with the Youths, who used to look to him, wide-eyed and full of that thing called “Hope.” Now that Hope has...