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What In The Hell Is Rod Rosenstein Flapping His Yap About?

Rod Rosenstein is sending weird memos, Jared Kushner's businesses are under the microscope, and Mike Pence has lawyered up. It's your Russia news!

RACHEL MADDOW NOT POISONED BY RUSSIA! (Not That We Were Worried About That Or Anything)

Hooray, Rachel Maddow will be back tonight!
Rachel Maddow has had it with your shit

Andy Lack Wants To Make MSNBC Great Again (By Losing Like A Common Trump)

If Andy Lack comes for Rachel Maddow, he is in BIG TROUBLE MISTER.

Stupid Intercept Idiots Wish Rachel Maddow Would STFU About Trump’s Russia Scandal

Does Rachel Maddow not follow Glenn Greenwald on Twitter? Does she not know she is doing FAKE NEWS?

Dumb Trump Idiot Carter Page Recruited By Russian Spy In 2013, Like Some Idiot

Who among us hasn't found ourselves in this very situation?
Only the crew knows for sure

OK Everyone, It’s Time To Chill Out About Rachel Maddow RIGHT NOW JESUS CHRIST

Rachel Maddow sure indeedy did get our attention, didn't she?

Rachel Maddow Correctly Labels Wonkette ‘Best Website In The World’

Hi, Rachel, hi! Can Wonkette come live with you?

Time To Watch Trump And Hillz Fight Each Other TO THE DEATH! Your Final Debate Preview

Our long national nightmare is almost over!

Looks Like Donald Trump Done Gone And Pissed Off The Veterans!

What Donald Trump said about PTSD and veteran suicide hurt and angered a lot of people. Here's why.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Curious About This ‘Constitution’ You Keep Mentioning

Kellyanne Conway sat for a long interview with Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night. It did not go well for Kellyanne!
There's tributes and then there's weird

Behind The Black Robe: Ruth Bader Ginsburg On Wine, Abortion, And (Your) Tattoos

MSNBC ran a great big long interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg Monday night, and she was as wonderful as ever. Irin Carmon talked to her for a good long while, and we learned that Ginsburg is not especially crazy...
Rachel's WTF? muscles really get a workout in this segment

Morning Maddow: Oregon Governor Definitely Resigning Or Maybe Not, Who Knows?

Rachel Maddow takes on the increasingly strange story of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber, who has reached a crisis point in the continuing scandal over the shady financial dealings of his fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, who is under investigation for alleged...
Oh, those fabulous Bushes

Morning Maddow: Jeb Bush’s Website Violates Everybody’s Privacy, Oops (Video)

Rachel Maddow loves the Bush family almost as much as we do. Especially their talent for putting their foot in it, as President George H.W. Bush did when he seemed amazed by a supermarket scanner during his 1992 reelection...

Morning Maddow: Brian Williams Gets Six Months, Jon Stewart Gets Life (Video)

Tuesday night was just one big bucket of breaking media news, what with NBC news anchor Brian Williams getting suspended without pay for six months, effective immediately, and Jon Stewart announcing that he is leaving the Daily Show forever,...
Rachel bursts into song

Morning Maddow: Meet The Techie Bears Who’ve Been Trolling Jeb Bush With Equality

Rachel Maddow brought us some updates Monday to her story last week about the serious outbreak of weird in Oregon. First, as she'd hoped, Rachel scored an interview with C.J. Phillips and Charlie Rainwater, a Portland couple who describe themselves...
56 repeals of Obamacare!

Morning Maddow: Republican Congress Fiddles While Syria Burns (Video)

Congratulations, Republicans! You've been running both houses of Congress for a month now, and so far, you've failed to pass your own bills on abortion and immigration, but at least you did pass a bill to demand building the...