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Yes, yes, we know the USSR is defunct. Whatevs.

Deleted Comments: You Think Cultural Marxism Is A Joke?? (Yes. Yes We Do.)

It's another heapin' helpin' of Deleted Derp, fresh from the comment mines of Wonkette.
Princess Sunbutt Will Rise Again!

Deleted Comments: Yankees Too Dumb To Know They Stoled Old Glory From The Confederate Flag!

It's hard to keep a proud neo-Confederate down -- or out of the comments on an article from two years ago.
No one can handle the truth about Hillary's illness!

Deleted Comments Of The Week: ‘Subject: Your Shitty Website’

We've got logical fallacies and, by complete coincidence, also a Flat Earther this week.

Oh Look, Nazi Flat Earthers. Aren’t You Surprised??

The astonishing TRUTH will truly astonish you!

Deleted Comments: Enjoy A Trump Fan’s Wet Dream About Ending Voter Fraud With Summary Executions

You wouldn't believe how easy eliminating voter fraud would be. All you need is to start with a police state...

White House Thinks Holocaust Was Sort Of A Bummer, It Guesses

People are sooooo picky.

Deleted Comments: So John Lewis Got Hit On The Head That One Time. Big Deal!

For some reason, we heard from a lot of people who aren't racists this week.
Rejoice! For the dough is risen!

Even ‘Pizzagate’ Gunman Thinks Alex Jones Is LIL’ BIT CRAZY

He just wanted to save the kids!
Who needs notes? Not Donald Trump

Donald Trump Airs His Grievances: The Media (Who Are Probably Jooz)

Donald Trump would like to tell you a thing he knows about the Jews.

Deleted Comments: Our Libraries Are Full Of Pedophiles And Our Schools Full Of Jews!

Our weekly visit to the deleted comments archive brings us a fine rant about the importance of never criticizing books that haven't been published yet.
What 'hate groups'? Do you have a list?

Trump’s Aryan Supermen Terrified By Obama’s Jewish Supreme Court Nominee

David Duke, the nice former Grand Wazoo of the KKK who Donald Trump eventually decided to disavow, abjure, and wink at seductively, is all kinds of upset by secret Muslim Barack Hussein Obama's nomination of Hebrew Silver Fox Merrick...
Something about being wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross...

Trump’s Pastor Pal Wants Godless Jew Bernie Sanders To Meet His Friend Jesus

We're starting to wonder if maybe this Trump thing is getting out of hand, just a little maybe. Call it a hunch. Oh, sure, there's always been the xenophobia, the hatred, the lies, the gratuitous violence, and the candidate's...
No idea why someone would shop a Twilight Sparkle plushie into a David Duke pic. She's no lavender supremacist.

David Duke Thinks Donald Trump Could Tone It Down A Notch

Here's a little tip for fetid vomitsack and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump: When former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke says you're a bit over the top, it might be time to consider dialing things back just a skosh. Duke shared...

White Power Morans: Jews Stoled Our American Star Wars And Gived It To The Blacks!

Smack dab in the middle of Monday Night F'ball, Disney released the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Hits The Snooze Alarm, And Is Late For Work, and there was a great disturbance in the Force, as...

KKK Dude So Jealous Of Jews At Auschwitz, With Their Coffee Breaks And Swimming Pool

Just in case you were in the mood for seeing a brainless Klansman natter on about what a paradise Auschwitz was, here's a clip from a BBC 3 documentary (sadly not yet available for viewing outside the UK) called...
Now it can be told!

Shocking Million Word Wingnut Exposé Proves Obama’s Kenyan ‘Grandma’ Is A Muslim

Warm up the Drudge Sirens, patriots! We have some major derp incoming at Bradlee Dean's Clearinghouse For Stupid Shit That Not Even WND Would Publish, in the form of a major exposé of Barack HUSSEIN Obama's family in The...