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Oh, just go fuck yourself.

Ecuador Grounds Julian Assange From Internet For Being Raging Douchewhistle

Did John Kerry pressure Ecuador? is there a global conspiracy? DO YOU CARE?

Glenn Beck Has ‘Doubts’ About Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Health, Because Who Ever Heard Of A 74 Year Old Having A Seizure?

Well, gosh, nobody saw this coming. Somehow, it is supposed to be hugely controversial that Secretary of State John Kerry was on his boat for part of the day when the Egyptian military picked a new Pharaoh last week, because foreign governments...

Romney’s Tax Man Cometh

Poor, poor Mitt. He and his dancing horse have been having a tough go of it lately. Turns out he may (or may not!) have lied to the SEC about the good times he had at Bain capital between...

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