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When Hillary Clinton Is President, We Will Get To Eat SO MANY TACOS

'A taco truck on every corner?' SIGN US UP!

America’s Collapse Briefly Stalled By Sexytime Obama Pic

Terrible oil spills destroying however many states/Gulfs of Mexico? Stock market collapse, again? Who cares, just look at these sexy grownup people dressed all fancy and not having sex affairs with bloggers or whatever. This photo was taken just...

THE WAY WE LIVE NOW: OMFG some Mexicans are eating tacos for breakfast, in America. Trend piece?

Sotomayor’s Magical Bean Foods Make Her Hate White People More

Those popinjays at The Hill have confused the dickens out of the American Internet today with a snippet regarding the Insta-Classic Sotomayor speech -- you know, the one where she says she hates dumb white people, because she's racist....

CA Secretary Of State Cannot Find The Tacos, On Election Day

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen oversees state elections, which occur on most days in California. Today is one of them! So someone get this lady a damn Taco from a truck already, Jesus. California will bleed tonight.