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The wiretapp was coming from inside the house!!!
The Titan refugee program was a bad idea, we'll admit

Pentagon Gonna Deport All The Troops For Loving America Too Much

Trusting the military was their first mistake. Do we want such gullible people in the service?

Congress Wants Trump’s ‘Tapes,’ If There Are Any ‘Tapes’ (Are There ‘Tapes’?)

It's like 1974 all over again! Do we need to buy Harvest Gold kitchen appliances?

Dumb Idiot Donald Trump Thinks Sally Yates Testimony Somehow Made Him Look GOOD

Your 'president' has gone on another Twitter tantrum!

Devin Nunes Accidentally Told Truth About Trump White House Investigation. That’s Not Like Him At All!

A meaningful slip? Or just a slip of the tongue? Let's assume the worst!

Neat New Proof Nixon Sabotaged Foreign Policy Like A Common Reagan, Trump!

Something Something dirty tricks, Something Something Tricky Dick.
My Little Pony: Friendship is a Plot to Take Away Our Liberty

Deleted Comment: Genuine ‘Black Ops’ Veteran Defends Best Evil-Fightin’ Sheriff Lady In Texas

We heard from a gent in Texas who had some thoughts on demon liberals and the Constitution.
To serve, protect, and pass to the right

Orange County Cops Charged After They Eated All The Snacks In Pot Dispensary Raid

You wacky stoners might remember -- were your synapses not fried by the Demon Weed -- those cops in Santa Ana, California, who were caught on video apparently sampling the inventory of a local marijuana dispensary they raided last...
Death From Above is Magic

Ben Carson Has Cool Idea For Bombing Mexicans With Drones

Ben Carson may not know anything about actual policy or facts or boring details like how the Supreme Court works, but he's a real quick study when it comes to finding stuff that will excite rightwing supporters. And if...
Yup yup yup yup

Senate Passes Patriot Act Revisions With Less Big Government Snooping; Mitch McConnell Has A Hissy

Oh, thank goodness, we're safe from terrorists again! Tuesday, the Senate voted to pass the "USA Freedom Act," which is a lot like the Patriot Act only with some changes that limit the NSA's ability to scoop up all...
A moment of lucidity

Strangely Lucid Rand Paul ‘Filibusters’ Patriot Act, Will Get Back To Being Insane Tomorrow

Rand Paul spoke for 10 1/2 hours Wednesday against the Patriot Act and NSA surveillance, doing that thing that he does where he makes a lot of sense for a while before his next inevitable plunge into pure libertarian...
Don't be afraid. Ok, be afraid

Your Smart TV Is Probably Spying On You, What Could Go Wrong?

This is not disturbing at all, unless the thought of your Smarter-Than-You iDevices spying on you and recording your conversations and your texts and your darkest thoughts inside your brain is disturbing, in which case, yeah, you might find...
The billboards didn't work either

FBI Tried To Slut-Shame Martin Luther King Into Suicide in 1964

A truly astonishing historical document was released Tuesday: A 1964 letter sent by the FBI to Martin Luther King, attempting to blackmail him with the release of surveillance tapes of his scandalous sexxytimes. The letter, published in the New York...

Boy, That Edward Snowden Really Screwed Up, Says Edward Snowden

Though it's always nice to be right, we really wish we had been wrong about Edward Snowden. We wish that he truly had been the super-genius martyr for freedom depicted by his most fervent supporters -- and, if we're...

CIA Screwed Up So Bad That Biggest Fangirl Dianne Feinstein Yelling At Them Now (VIDEO)

Yeah yeah, we know, it's just so hypocritical of iconic Bond girl Dianne Feinstein to suddenly be acting all hotted up about domestic spying now that she's the one getting domestic spied on. It's very ironic and so on, but that's not...