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Trump’s Budget Dream: Make America A Dickensian Slum Again, ‘Blue Apron Style’

Perhaps there are some houses of some kind, where the poor could be put to work.

Trump Budget Makes America Great, Once Bodies Of Frozen Poor People Cleared Away

Have we mentioned this budget is terrible? It's actually terrible. No, worse than that.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Will Starve All The Poor People Unless He Can Deny Them Cake

Paul LePage continues quest to be the worst human on earth.
See this pie, ISIS? You can't have none!

Maine Republican Takes Bold Stand Against Free Lobster For ISIS Terror Bombers

When you are a Republican from Maine, you have to work HARD to come up with new ways to be a dick. Sociopath Gov. Paul LePage's SPECIALTY, the thing that gives him morning wood, is taking food stamps away from poor...
Now if you'll excuse Me, I've got some adulteresses to stone.

Jeb Bush Rekindles Campaign Excitement With Pledge To Screw The Poors

Jeb Bush may have started the week looking like an incompetent nebbish, but he wrapped it up with a strong appeal to the GOP's deranged sociopath wing, proposing that the federal food stamp program be eliminated and replaced with...
Guess what body part I'm being? Oh, you guessed!

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Finds Exciting New Way To Dick Over Food Stamp Recipients

Now that Maine Gov. Paul LePage has definitively proven he doesn't know how to governor any good at all -- accidentally allowing a bunch of liberal bills he'd intended to veto to become law -- it's revenge time. Since...
And I'll take 115 of those beers

Chris Christie Eated All The Snacks

Chris Christie is your average, regular guy -- why, he's not even rich, only worth a mere $5 million or so -- who just happens to enjoy the perks and privileges that come with being governor of New Jersey. Like...
For a few million dollars more, we could probably stop that, too!

Wisconsin’s F*ck-The-Poor Food Stamps Bill Will Cost Millions, Totally Worth It

Gosh, absolutely no one could have seen this coming: Wisconsin's exciting new bill to shame the poor -- by sharply restricting what items can be bought with food stamps -- would actually cost the state millions of dollars to...
Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-Terrible Person)

Congressloon Wants YOU (To Spy On Your Neighbors’ Shopping Carts)

Newbie Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman is a real peach of a guy, and yes, by peach we mean a-hole. Since voters promoted him from the Wisconsin state Senate to the U.S. House of Representatives last November, he's wasted little time...

Food Stamp Recipients Worried About Government Shutdown, Wingnuts Outraged

Aww, Twitchy: It's so nice to know that you guys care! Under the headline "Looming government shutdown elicits concern among food stamp recipients" yesterday, the rightwing twitter aggregator noted that according to a USA Today explainer on the...

California Rep. Jackie Speier Waves Steak And Vodka To Make Totally Clear Point About Cutting Food Stamps

California Rep. Jackie Speier waved around a couple of food props yesterday "in an effort to shame Republicans who want to slash $40 billion from the food stamp budget, while they continue to go on 'lavish' trips financed...