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How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?

Erick Erickson Decries Incivility, Says Mean Liberals Are Actual ISIS

Erick Erickson is back in over-reaction.

These Dickhead Karen Handel Videos Will Help You Decide To Vote For Jon Ossoff

The election is Tuesday! Do Georgia voters really want this asshole lady in Congress?

London Having Fucking TERRIBLE Year. Wonkagenda For Mon., June 19, 2017

Trump's lawyer thinks you should ignore his tweets, John Ossoff's race is getting dirty, and Megyn Kelly is MEAN to Alex Jones. Your morning news brief!

Pizzagate Idiots Yell At Shakespeare For Murdering Donald Trump And Steve Scalise

Last night, two morons decided to attend the thee-ay-ter. It did not go well.

‘Trump Not Under Investigation’ No Longer Operative. Wonkagenda For Thurs., June 15, 2017

Trump's OFFICIALLY under official investigation, it's cool to hate Megyn Kelly again, and something is REALLY wrong in Jon Ossoff's election.

‘Shooting Up Republican Baseball’ Was Not In Bernie Sanders’s Platform

The Tree of Liberty is probably full now. Please stop getting blood on it.

America’s Game: Baseball! (And Shooting People)

Yes, again. Only this time a famous person got shot.

Guns Don’t Kill People. Blah Blah Blah Blah. Wonkagenda For Wed., June 14, 2017

Some asshole is shooting at congressmen, Zombie TrumpCare lurks in the shadows of the Senate, and Elizabeth Warren wants to give poor people hearing aids. Your morning news brief!


LOL! Paul Ryan chit-chatted about how Putin might be paying Trump in June 2016! Haha funny!
He's in charge here

GOP Had So Much Fun Playing With National Security Funding, They’re Doing It Again This Week!

If you loved last week's edge-of-your-seat excitement about whether the Republican-controlled Congress would do its job and pass a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security, like a bunch of elected legislators whose job is to keep government agencies...

Morning Maddow: Remember When Reagan Went To A Whites-Only Golf Course And Fought MLK Day?

On a day when many rightwingers now claim that Martin Luther King really agreed with them, Rachel Maddow takes us back to 1983, when the right was at least honest about their feelings toward King: They considered him a...

Surprise! Justice Scalia Is Biggest Jerk On The Court

A smart-ass law professor decided to do A Serious Study on Supreme Court justices and sarcasm. You'll never guess who wins The Most Sarcastic Justice award: Justice Scalia is the most sarcastic Justice on the Supreme Court. He has been...
And no, the London Underground was not a political movement.

Conservatives Continue Rewriting History, Because They Are Dumb

Oh conservatives, you and your wacky knowledge of American history. Where would we be without it? (We would be, collectively as a nation, much better-educated.) We always enjoy remembering, for example, that Thanksgiving celebrates the Pilgrims’ victory over the...
Drunk idea man.

Louie Gohmert Defeated! Adults In Charge! Eat Your Pets!

We're Americans, and when life throws us lemons, we make lemonade, so get out the apron and light up the old barbecue, 'cause it's time for some good old down-home "Moo Goo Dog Pan," Louie Gohmert style. Sure, it...
There were too many 'manic Rachel' images to choose from today

Morning Maddow: Rachel Watches The Joe Biden Senate Show, Because We Forgot To

Congress is back in session, and Rachel Maddow couldn't be more delighted with the first-day weirdness. There's Joe Biden being the most Joe Biden he ever gets, greeting the new Senate and swearing everybody in. While there was no...