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Look At These Fucking GOP Idiots Begging Trump To Fire Robert Mueller

How Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Louie Gohmert manage to put on pants each day without gravely injuring themselves is beyond us.

House Judiciary Committee Demands To Know Why Hillary Clinton Fired James Comey

Just another day at the Congressional sausage factory.

Your Hero Nancy Pelosi Is Tiny And Exquisite, Just Like You Always Imagined

Ooh, look, more fancy pictures of fancy people!
all for you, America

The Week In Lawsuits: House GOP Saves Republic From King Obama With Heroic Sueage

Augh, summer. The heat makes everybody so agitated! Across America, politicians, ex-politicians, and the politician-adjacent have all been feelin' extra litigious. In today's Politigation Roundup, we bring you the beginning of one stupefyingly expensive and pointless lawsuit launched from the...

She’s His Daughter! She’s His Sister! She’s A Complete Stranger Actually! The Mixed-Up Life Of Rep. Steven Cohen

What is not to love about Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen? He's a fun guy! He hits on Cyndi Lauper, because YOLO. He dances to rap! He will sweat through that shirt and give exactly zero fucks! Steve Cohen is...

Pols Having Secret Spawn All Over The Place!

As you probably know, the world of political journalism in the internet age is basically a never-ending exercise in detailing which brand of Fleshlight congressmen are buying at any given time. So it was not surprising exactly that some tweets...

Dutch Politician Solves Everything By Coming Up With Plan For Jordan To Rename Itself Palestine … Also, Here Is Steve Cohen Dancing To Rap

Forget the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "Jordan is Palestine," said Dutch guy Geert Wilders, leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom. "Changing its name to Palestine will end the conflict in the Middle East and provide the Palestinians with an...

Alex Chilton Finally Gets Recognition On House Floor

And all he had to do was die. Nice commemoration, Steve Cohen! And almost the exact same length as "I'm In Love With A Girl," which is a good song.

Crazy Tennessee Candidate Continues To Mock Opponent For Being Jewish

Here's a hilarious new ad from Tennessee Democratic House candidate Nikki Tinker, which is the latest in her long history of comical antisemitism against Rep. Steve Cohen, a J-O-O. She tells him to get out of "OUR churches," where...

Gossip Roundup: Gala Day