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‘Red Pill Libertarian’ VA House Candidate Hopes To Legalize Child Porn, Marital Rape, Is Lunatic

Also he went to jail for threatening to assassinate President Obama.

ND Reps Vote Down Blue Laws Repeal So Their Wives Will Make Them Breakfast In Bed

Also so they can have a half a day without their wives spending all their money on new hats.

Pence Appoints Totally Random Non-Law-Practicing Lady As Indiana Judge, Because Go F*ck Yourself Is Why

Her only job experience has been running Sylvan Learning Centers. That is not a joke.

Idaho GOP Will Save State From Tyranny Of Local Anti-Discrimination Laws (Updated)

After six Idaho cities expanded their nondiscrimination ordinances to prevent job and housing discrimination against LGBT people, delegates to the state's GOP central committee have agreed that passing a new state law to void such local measures will be...

A Children’s Treasury Of Stories & Videos From Michael Steele’s Maryland Political Career

Congratulations to Michael Steele, who finally beat out that actual Confederate slaveowning plantation owner to become the first African-American President of the United States! Maybe we should celebrate with something fun, like a national WAR WITH IRAN, hmm? Well,...

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