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Erik Prince Congressional Testimony Conclusively Proves He’s Full-Of-Shit, Also An Asshole

Why did Erik Prince meet with a Russian in Seychelles? NO REASON! HE DOESN'T RECALL! TO TALK ABOUT SANCTIONS! SHUT UP!

Oh Go Fuck Yourself, Glenn Greenwald

We're pretty sure Glenn Greenwald thinks the American 'Deep State' is worse than Pol Pot. YEAH BUDDY.

Joe And Mika HATE This One Chick ‘Steve Bannon’, Like OMG Becky

Let's watch as the 'Morning Joe' kids realize that Steve Bannon is really bad, like for real.
The Sarah Palin Farknocker Report, Presented By Fartknocker

Sarah Palin Just Yelled ‘Hoohah!’ And Now Our Week Is Complete

Sarah Palin thinks a common euphemism for vagina is also the Marines' battle cry.
This friggin' guy

President Of Earth Donald J. Trump To America’s NATO Allies: Drop Dead

Donald Trump has some new ideas about the U.S. commitment to the NATO alliance. They are ridiculous, frightening thoughts.
Gosh, I'm a baaaaad boy!

Melania Trump Not Boning Hitler, She PROMISES

OK, Donald Trump isn't Hitler. But is he Stalin? Mussolini?

Ben Carson Begs Media To Stop Killing Him So Much

Poor Ben Carson! His campaign is broken, his brain is broken, EVERYTHING IS BROKEN. He was supposed to be riding high right now, hopping, skipping and jumping through all the Popeyes Organizations in America, high-fiving robbers as he raced...
This is what Greg Gutfeld looks like when he thinks he just made a point.

Fox News Jackass Greg Gutfeld Will Keep Fetuses In Wastebaskets Where They Belong

Yr Wonkette, as you know, is a pro-life mommyblog. HEAR US OUT. We're pro-life in the REAL, grown-up way, the one where abortion is legal, and women should have a right to do with their living bodies as they...

Alex Jones Explains How Net Neutrality Is Hitler

Now that the right has decided Net Neutrality is evil, because Barack Obama likes the idea of keeping the Internet free and open, it's pretty much become a game of one-upmanship. First, Ted Cruz said that Net Neutrality was Obamacare,...

Bradlee Dean Makes Up History Again, Says Dirty Commies Invented The Word ‘Racism’ So There’s No Such Thing

Wonkette frenemy and weird child-thrashing advocate Bradlee Dean just wants you all to know that he is not bothered by all you dumb liberal bigots calling him a bigot, and he has studied up on these matters. On his...

Alan Keyes Reveals His Eleventy-Million-Word-Plan For Keyesian Ascendance Over The Traitor Glenn Beck

It is always hard when your amazing social movement reaches the schism stage, isn't it? First you're best buds, pallin' around together creating revolution, and next thing you know you've got an icepick buried in your skull. Relive...

Drudge Says Obama Is Hitler And Stalin, Yawn

Here, in its entirety, is the Weekly Standard story to which Drudge is appending pictures of Hitler and Stalin: Vice President Joe Biden revealed that President Barack Obama might use an executive order to deal with guns. "The president...

Bishop In Search Of Hitler and Stalin Says Obama Good Enough Match

Peoria, IL - Bishop Daniel Jenky was conducting his Sunday message to a small group of Catholic followers in his modest countryside church, nestled in Peoria, Illinois. Bishop Jenky really knows how to deliver a powerful message. And just...

WingNutDaily Voice of Reason in Stupid Right-Wing Freakout About Martial Law

You guy, I'm worried about WND, Joseph Farah's No. 1 News Source for Copy-and-Pasted Chuck Norris Columns. First came the screaming headline EXECUTIVE-ORDER PANIC: MARTIAL LAW IN THE U.S.? and three long paragraphs explaining President Barack O'Stalin's nefarious plans...

A Nightly Paultard Bombing Round

‘Bombing Starts In Five Minutes’