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No, Nancy Pelosi Never Said Obamacare Was Secret: Clip And Save!

Let's try killing a myth. Or at least explaining where it came from and giving it a swift kick in the pants.

Here’s A Video Of What Trump’s Five Minute Standing Ovation At The CIA Might Have Looked Like, For Science!

Donald Trump got the greatest ovation in history probably.
True fact: Personal grooming regimen strictly dictated by Andrew Breitbart himself

Harry Reid, Democrats Ask Donald Trump To Deport Steve Bannon Back To 1938

People seem not to like this Steve Bannon. Maybe it's the haircut. Or the fascism.

Wonkagenda: Friday, 07/29/2016

Here's you morning newz breif! YOU READ IT RIGHT NOW!

Wonkagenda, Tuesday, 07/19/2016

Good Morning, wonkers! Here's some of the stories that may grace the pages of 'yer Wonkette today! Melania Trump ripped off Michelle Obama's 2008 DNC convention speech last night, and the Trump camp is denying it. (It was absolutely...
You mean empathy isn't a dirty word? Even for *lawbreakers*?

Barack Obama Goes To Prison. Sorry, Wingnuts, He’s Just Visiting

Barack Obama made a bit of history Thursday, becoming the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. This follows a pretty impressive speech to the NAACP Wednesday, in which he said some things that, for a Democrat in...
Now he deserves the title.

Obama Hearts Gay Marriage, Hates God

Barry Bamz is pretty OK with the Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality today, saying in a Rose Garden speech that it was "a victory for America." We can get behind that. Progress on this journey often comes in small...
All the tax rates float down here

All Teabagging And No Brain Makes Maine Governor LePage A Dull Boy

Among things you should never do: 1) Vandalize a beautiful but haunted 1958 Plymouth Fury 2) Experiment with reanimating the dead; 3) Dump pig blood on Carrie White at the prom; 4) Suggest that unabashed progressive Stephen King would...

The Weekend Stock Photo Report Chooses To Be Gay

In this installment of The Weekend Stock Photo Report with Weekend S. Photo, Benjamin Netanyahu growls sofly and carries a big shtick, The Supreme Court dignifies the undignifiable, and Ben Carson is a doctor, really! Missed last week's report? No...
No, really! They might pass a bill!

Morning Maddow: Maybe The GOP Will Pass An Immigration Bill, Just To Show Up Obama (Video)

Rachel Maddow gets the feeling that this executive action on immigration isn't going to be quite the disaster for Barack Obama that a lot of Republicans have been insisting it must. For all the bluster, impeachment is a no-go...
We just love the woman leaning forward in disbelief

Morning Maddow: Remember When That ‘Reporter’ Yelled At Obama About Immigration? (Video)

To kick off her recap of how Barack Obama shredded the Constitution for the 165th time, Rachel Maddow reminds us of that exciting moment in 2012 when Barry was announcing his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order,...
Now it's a few hundred, and still nothin' on.

Today’s Top Network Excuses For Not Running Obama’s Immigration Speech (1. He’s Black) Updated!

Update/new development: Yr. Wonkette is psychic once again! (see end of post) Barry Bamz is going to single-handedly overthrow the rule of law tonight, but the teevee networks have decided not to carry the speech, because come on,...

Barack Obama Will Not Be President Of Naming Things

Barack Obama is feeling a little feisty after yesterday's big football-spiking speech. Today, he went to Ann Arbor, where he visited Zingerman's deli with Senate candidate Gary Peters, then gave a speech at the University of Michigan calling for...

Barack Obama Thinks Obamacare Is So Cool Just Because Millions Of People Have Insurance Now Who Didn’t Before

Well that sounded a lot more like the Barack Obama we know and like. Barry gave the numbers -- 7.1 million enrollees -- and said that even though his failed healthcare policy had totally failed, he wasn't going to...

Liveblogging Our DVR Recording Of Bamz’s Affordable Care Act Speech In Boston

Oh, Barry, that's a hell of a nice way to handle hecklers: "You're at the wrong rally! The climate change rally was back in June!" And hey, hecklers, good chanting! We kind of understood you, which is a step...