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Build The Wall Out Of Soldiers! Wonkagenda For Wed., April 4, 2018

Trump wants to build a border wall out of soldiers, Scott Walker is screaming BLUUUUUE WAAAAVE, and Robert Mueller has some questions. Your morning news brief.

Trump Knows What Women Want! Your Wonkagenda for Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trump has a spot for the ladies, TrumpCare rides again (again), and Hannity throws another tantrum. Your morning news brief!

Trumponomics Just A Golden Shower! Wonkagenda For Tues., April 25, 2017

Trump tries to trickle down on the poors, Republicans try to kill Medicaid, and Alex Jones is being sued for yogurt libel! Your morning news brief!

Sonia Sotomayor Wanted To Smack Scalia With Baseball Bat, But Only When He Was Talking

More proof that the Supreme Court ain't beanbag.

Supreme Court Saves America From Transgender Teens Making Bathroom Everywhere

This kid really needs to pee, and SCOTUS won't let him.
SCOTUS Roller Derby Team

Sonia Sotomayor Pissed, Y’all

Sotomayor doesn't think it's OK for cops to illegally stop and search you, then come up with reasons why later. Weird!

SCOTUS Semi-Nice Time: It’s Slightly Harder To Death Penalty People In Florida Now

Thanks to the conservatives having a 5-4 majority at the Supreme Court of these here United States, every term is another opportunity for the complete dismantling of pretty much everything we liberals hold dear. That's why we're always surprised...
Filing jointly now, we guess.

Homosexican Couples Officially Allowed To Pay Taxes Together, Thanks Obama!

Good news, homosexual married couples and all you bros out there just sucking cock for green cards: All the gay-marrieds in America get to pay all their tax moneys at the same time now, like normal boring hetero marrieds! Now you...
He may or may not get to have a word with the Framers about original intent.

Dumb Guy Has Best SCOTUS Argument Against Gay Marriage: Buttsex And Abortion Are Not Crimes!

We have seen many laughable rationalizations for upholding bans on marriage equality over the years, and especially in the last few months before the Supreme Court rules, once and for all, that those bans are not constitutional. (Yes, that's...
Now they've even destroyed the sanctity of divorce

Supreme Court Rams Gay-Marriage Nonsense Down Your Earholes. A Wonkette Transcriber!

Tuesday was the last chance for bigots to explain to the Supreme Court why it is constitutional to deny equal rights to gay people because you think they have icky sex. The Court had two questions to consider: First,...
Up to no good, maybe or maybe not

Americans Still Hate Hillary Clinton Less Than Every GOP Candidate Alive

Remember how Hillary Clinton was finally vanquished and destroyed forever because of the latest whatevergate? Yeah, about that. CNN has a new poll with some bad news -- for Republicans: Hillary Clinton continues to be a dominant force heading into...

Florida Proscutor’s Whimsical Mother’s Day Message To ‘Crack Hoes’ Seen As Offensive Somehow

A Florida prosecutor just wanted to send a positive message to women on Mother's Day, but for some reason, a lot of people seem not to recognize his inspirational intentions. Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis posted this little ray...

National Review So Mad Someone Let Sonia Sotomayor Race Bait All Over A Supreme Court Opinion

Earlier this week, we lawsplained at you about how the decision in Schuette v. BAMN, upholding a Michigan voter referendum banning consideration of racial preferences in college admissions, was a terrible fucking thing that was nothing but parts of...

Laura Inghraham To Bring Her Special Blend Of Hate And Stupid To ABC News

Hissing hate module Laura Ingraham will be joining the roundtable on ABC's This Week With George Stephanopoulos, apparently because they need someone who's got the guts to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington by cutting off...

Supreme Court Coming To Grab Your Guns Just Because You Beat Your Wife, Like That Is Even Fair

So let's say you are a person who abuses your spouse, but only in the teeniest tiniest way. And let's say you plead guilty, just to put that whole mess behind you. That shouldn't stop you from your God-given...

Here Is Your Recap Of Today’s Slut Pills Supreme Court Case, AKA Hobby Lobby

You might have heard there was this little ol' case that made its way up to the Supreme Court, Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby, which is basically about how the government has no right to make Jesus-loving people have insurance...