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Let’s Play The Blame Game! Your Wonkagenda: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Non-white women invade the Senate, educators try to comfort kids, and more reasons to hate Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Your morning news brief!

David Duke Almost As Good At Debates As Donald Trump!

David Duke doesn't hate ALL Jews. Just the ones who are in on the conspiracy.

Can This Nice Trans Lady Beat Gross Teabagger GOP Sen. Mike Lee In November?

Misty K. Snow MAKES HISTORY as the first major party trans U.S. Senate Candidate. Hooray, Misty!

Empress of Outer Space Orly Taitz Has New Senate Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

Yes, friends, your beloved election girlfriend and California GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Orly Taitz has finally found the time don a suit of medieval armor, sit down with a tank of nitrous oxide pilfered from the dental office...

Why Is Elizabeth Warren Doing So Well in Polls When Karl Rove Told Everyone To Hate Her?

Hey, everyone remember that weird attack ad Karl Rove's sweatshop of joyless video editor-slaves at Crossroads GPS slapped together a few weeks ago accusing Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of hating "job creation" because she, um, sympathized with the...

Unliked Racist Weirdo George Allen Inventing All His Endorsements

Used condom George "Macaca" Allen has given humanity so many reasons to find him revolting that he is of course currently leading the pack of Republican primary candidates for the Virginia Senate race. But just to be extra sure...

Sharron Angle Should Just Quit Her Campaign

Here’s Nevada Senate hopeful Sharron Angle’s latest vote-for-me mini-movie, “Right Here Right NOW,” in which she stands before a group of nodding, concerned-looking olds and tells them that “government is not the solution to the problem, government is the...