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Portal To Hell Opens In White House Lawn. Obama Never Had One Of Those.

You know WHO ELSE never had a sinkhole on the White House lawn? All the other presidents, Katie.
King Arthur and Sir Bedivere from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Rep. Mo Brooks Does Science: Maybe Sea Levels Rise When Someone Drops Mountains In The Ocean

Next, some amazing news on how sheep's bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes.

Scott Pruitt Just Trying To Kill You Is All

Gosh, who'd have thought reorienting the EPA to help industry could have unfortunate effects?

Hepatitis Eating Your Liver Without Even Chianti. It’s SCIENCE!

Ah, May. The flowers are blooming again. Mother’s Day… and of course, it’s Hepatitis Awareness Month. But you knew that, right? You’re a Wonkette reader (and hopefully you give us a monthly tithe just like you do to the FSM...

How Are You Fucking Up Your Children Today?

Science did a study on depressed moms and their kids' IQ. The media didn't know how to handle it, surprise.

Ryan Zinke Says He’s A Geologist, Is Full Of Schist.

Navy Seal pretends he's a geologist on Twitter.

Donald Trump Observed Autism Awareness Day. Oh Dear.

Oh lord this man.


This is fantastic news! Of course, in Norway for instance, schools have enough money...

Stephen Hawking Has Left The Universe

An appreciation

How To Reduce Gun Injuries: Just Send All Gun-Humpers Off To An NRA Convention, Forever.

A good guy with a gun is still likely to screw up now and then.

ROCKET!! That Is All. Just ROCKET!!!!!!!

His spaceship knows which way to go.

Pssst, Senate Voting On Banning Your Abortions Tonight, Because Nothing Else Is Pressing, We Guess

It won't get passed, but it's still pretty disgusting that they're trying.

National Parks Advisors Tell Ryan Zinke To Take Their Job And Shove It

Ryan Zinke is all about 'local input.' Unless it's from a bunch of damn hippie nature lovers.

Ryan Zinke Bringing More Oil Spills To Beaches Near You!

It's a rigged system. A drilling-rigged system, to be precise.